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    The idea of raising them off the base of the tub is so the frass (poo) falls through the mesh and theyre not crawling through it. Not all of it will fall through, but I cleaned mine every 3-4 days, anti bacterial everytime, washed hands thorughly and anti bacterial them too. Keeping them clean...
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    Silk worm rearing

    So, I bought a 250 silkworm colony and powdered chow from silkworm store : * - Home Page. Heres how I reared them, unfortunately not from start to finish but It was the same from when I first got them as tiny stage 1 slikworms (1st instar) You will need: plastic hinged box (provided when...
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    How long does this dry gutload store for once it has been made? can you freeze it and thaw out when needed? Please PM me, Thanks Mark (benton1576)
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    Keep us updated mate, im very interested in these! PICS PICS PICS!!! lol. Some enclosure pics would be good too.
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    Fantastic blogs, very informative and a great help in choosing the correct foods to safely gutload with. I personally appreciate the ammount of effort you have gone to in order to produce such a detailed rundown of each item. Thank you Sandrachameleon.
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