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  1. xeonic

    Comment by 'xeonic' in 'Breeding crickets'

    Would it be too much to ask for a picture of your setup?
  2. xeonic

    Comment by 'xeonic' in 'Just became a member'

    At first I thought you were talking about me.
  3. xeonic

    Comment by 'xeonic' in 'Boiling eggs'

    Dude you have to tell me why you posted a blog on boiling eggs?
  4. xeonic

    Comment by 'xeonic' in 'Post Death Egg Extraction'

    Cool. I would like to see how the hatching turns out.
  5. xeonic

    Comment by 'xeonic' in 'Ah, To Handle or not To Handle!!!'

    My Chameleon doesn't mind being picked up. Often he will come to me if I just put my hand near him. I guess if your chameleon likes being handled then it's probably causing less stress then one that hisses and bites.
  6. xeonic

    Comment by 'xeonic' in 'Maybe you shouldnt have a chameleon'

    This should be a song. Though I don't know much about Oxalic Acid, Goitrogen. I guess I have some reading to do.
  7. xeonic

    Non Toxic Plants

    The purpose of this plant list is to have a list of non toxic plants people can use with their Chameleons enclosure. In this list are some large trees and vegetables. What you do with this list is up to you. The large trees can be found in a smaller Bonsai verson. Some of the Vegetables listed...
  8. xeonic

    Non Toxic Plants 2

    Bottle Palm Additional Common Names:Elephant-foot Tree, Pony Tail Plant Scientific Name:Beaucarnea recurvata Alternate Scientific Name:Nolina tuberculata Family:Agavaceae Burro's Tail Additional Common Names:Horse's Tail, Donkey's Tail, Lamb's Tail Scientific Name:Sedum morganianum...
  9. xeonic

    Non Toxic Plants 3

    Canterbury-bell Scientific Name:Gloxinia perennis Family:Gesneriaceae Carob Additional Common Names:Sugar Pod, Locust Pods, Algaroba, Carob Tree Kharoub, Beans Scientific Name:Ceratonia siliqua Family:Fabaceae Caroba Additional Common Names:Caaroba, Carob Tree, Carobhina...
  10. xeonic

    Non Toxic Plants 4

    Common Staghorn Fern Scientific Name:Platycerium bifurcatum Family:Polypodiaceae Crape Myrtle Additional Common Names:Crepe Myrtle Scientific Name:Lagerstroemia indica Family:Lythraceae Creeping Gloxinia Additional Common Names:Maurandya Scientific Name:Asarina erubescens...
  11. xeonic

    Non Toxic Plants 5

    Giant White Inch Plant Scientific Name:Albiflora Family:Commelinaceae Honeysuckle Fuchsia Scientific Name:Fuchsia triphylla Family:Onagraceae Jackson Brier Scientific Name:Smilax lanceolata Family:Liliaceae Jacob's Ladder Additional Common Names:Carrion Flower Scientific...
  12. xeonic

    Non Toxic Plants 6

    Mulberry Tree Scientific Name:Morus sp. Family:Moraceae Note: Ripe fruit is edible, how ever Unripe fruit and green parts of the plant have a white sap that is intoxicating and mildly hallucinogenic Pilea Microphylla Additional Common Names:Artillery Plant Scientific Name:Pilea...
  13. xeonic

    xeonic's Blog

  14. xeonic

    Comment by 'xeonic' in 'Post Death Egg Extraction'

    Is the purpose of this to attempt at incubating and hatching the eggs?
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