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  1. draetish

    Hatchling Meller Chameleons

    I am helping a friend find good homes for these precious chams. I will post more about pricing and pics this weekend.
  2. draetish

    Hatchling Meller Chameleons

    14 hatchling Mellers for sale in Dallas/Ft Worth, Tx area. PM if interested. Donna
  3. draetish

    Rocko's Second Video

    It is so good to see Rocko again and he looks happy. He will be 2 yrs old in March. Great job Jon!:)
  4. draetish

    What did you get ?

    I got a female boxer and named her Bailey. She's not green and scaly but she is so cute and has a great personality. :D
  5. draetish

    Sleeping at Odd Times

    It's not unusual for chams to do this during the winter months. I would go ahead and turn his lights off earlier due to the shorter days. They can sense the sunrise and sunset and time of year.
  6. draetish

    Happy birthday flux melleri babies!

    One Year ago, Fluxlizard hatched 32 Melleri eggs. It would be interesting to see how many CF members have them so let's post all their names and pics. I got one and named it Arley and now Rob is his/her keeper and doing great. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARLEY...
  7. draetish

    How do those of you that free range?????

    Easiest solution for crickets jumping out is to pull off one of their hind legs, they can't jump :D
  8. draetish

    How Many Tattoos and Piercings Do You Have?

    We all have the right to our opinions but for some reason some of us are prohibited from voicing them. You can always send her a PM if you wish.
  9. draetish

    How Many Tattoos and Piercings Do You Have?

    I like honesty, not someone insulting my intellegence and I can appreciate your honesty :) I'll let it go ;)
  10. draetish

    How Many Tattoos and Piercings Do You Have?

    I totally disagree :rolleyes: a tat like that def has meaning to a person. :cool:
  11. draetish

    How Many Tattoos and Piercings Do You Have?

    I'm not offended but by posting the thread and showing your tats and not explaining them is obscene. I have a couple and they mean something to me and I'm not ashamed to tell if someone asks. So are you going to blow me off and not explain?
  12. draetish

    How Many Tattoos and Piercings Do You Have?

    So I see what the pic is but what does it mean?
  13. draetish

    Watery poop!!

    Take that poop to the vet to get a fecal done. That is the only way to know for sure and put your mind at ease.
  14. draetish


    I clicked on search and entered "transport" and picked search titles only and viola and whole bunch of threads on that topic.
  15. draetish

    Non reptile people just don't understand

    This thread cracks me up! We are nuts whata ya talkin about? How can anyone be addicted and "in love" with a lizard they ask? We are special people God put on this earth to care for the chameleons that are so unique, special, graceful, calculating, cool and no one will understand. Just don't...
  16. draetish

    funny question.

    No however I have purchased a cham for "my" Christmas present. I think that qualifies as a christmas present for a cham (a great, new home with a loving keeper). :D
  17. draetish

    Missing my chams

    Thanks so far so good, surgery was a success and I'm plotting and planning for my houseful of chams :D
  18. draetish

    Eventually wanting to get a second cham...

    I understand but satisfying your wants could jeopordize your jackson. ;)
  19. draetish

    Immobilizing an injured chameleon

    That's sad but on the bright side he has you to make his life comfortable and well taken care of.
  20. draetish

    eye doesn't shed

    Can you post a picture of it? You might try after he has gone to sleep, but if it doesn't come right off, don't make it and damage the skin.
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