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    Comment by 'beeze' in 'Good-bye Trucker'

    Sandra, I am so sorry for your loss of Trucker. I know that you gave him a good live and did everything that you possibly could for him.
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    Comment by 'beeze' in 'Babies!'

    So tiny and just so cute!!!
  3. beeze

    Comment by 'beeze' in 'goodbye Bendy!!!'

    Nice story. Thank you for saving her.
  4. beeze

    The Importance of Having a GOOD "Chameleon Vet"

    From personal experience I have learned the importance of having a good chameleon vet. If you go to a vet that's not that familiar with chameleons you are wasting your money and your chameleon's life. They charge the same, if not more, than a vet that knows chameleons. Then usually after you've...
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