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    Some ID fun?

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    Archaius 1(4) has been published

    ARCHAIUS 1(4) The Journal of Chameleonology and Chameleonoculture is here! Nečas, P. (2020): The dawn of Yemen Chameleons in the USA does not happen: spreading in Florida, staying in Hawaii and making it to California (Reptilia: Chamaeleonidae). - Archaius 1(4): 1-3...
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    Gut loading frenzy

    Gutloading Frenzy Again and Again I am sorry to not be enthusiastic about gutloading, and this comment is made not to offend anyone but itnis finally time to face the FACTS and NOT continue with the gutloading nonsense that has spread as a fashion accross internet... You get recommendations...
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    The Language of Chameleons: how the animals, which cannot talk and do not hear, communicate. Leaf Walking. Petr Nečas
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    Quadruplets, Triplets and Twins in Chameleons

    Quadruplets, Triplets and Twins in Chameleons (Sauria: Chamaeleonidae) Nečas P. & Prokopiev S. & Durbin C. & van Overbeke J. & Roth C...
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    Naturalistic Chameleonoculture

    The Naturalistic Chameleonoculture - a breaktrough in captive management of chameleons. Part 1: The NC Foundation and Guiding Principles
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    Not a snake but a chameleon was whispering to Eve in the Garden of Eden...

    Chameleons in ancient time in the ancient cultures of the corcum-mediterranean region and Near East...
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    ARCHAIUS 1(3) is here: The Journal of Chameleonology and Cameleonoculture

    Archaius 1(3) is here With the hope to inspire you Read the fascinating topics and enjoy the photographs! Žilková, E. & P. Nečas (2020) The Chameleon in ancient cultures the Mediterranean Region & Near East, amongst superstitions, myths, magic and science (Reptilia...
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    Meller‘s Chameleon Care Sheet

    Meller’s Chameleon, Trioceros melleri Care Sheet (both in metric and royal units) The majestic One-Horned, Giant or Elephant-Ear Chameleon is the biggest continental chameleon of Africa. Its husbandry is full of myths, superstitions and wrong assumptions. This is why untill now, it is not yet...
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    Meller’s chameleon in the wild

    Enjoy some Fresh records from my recent trip just few days ago
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    Why do Yemen Chameleons have such high casques?

    Who knows the relevant answer?
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    Hemipeneal plug (mis)identified

    What the Veterinary Chamber should not be proud of... To study veterinary sciences needs high intelligence, endurance and passion. Not everyone can do so. The studies last for many many years, to be continued with continual education and certifications afterwards - during the practical phase of...
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    Force feeding and hydrating

    Sometimes we need to force the chamelons to eat, drink, to accept medicaments etc... here is how...
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    Ventilation and air movement Besides right temperatures, humidities and hydration, the air quality is one of the key abiotic factors influencing comfort and quality of life of the chameleons in the wild and consequently, it is a crucial vital factor in chameleon naturalistic husbandry...
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    The European Chameleon in Turkey

    Chamaeleo chamaeleon in Turkey Just a quick visit to Turkey... No beach, no restaurant is interesting: chameleons! Whole night searching through habitats... It is not easy to find them. Historical data are scarce and imprecise: all along the coast from Syrian border up to Izmir, plus some...
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    Chameleon clean their eyes - a myth unleashed

    Chameleons do clean their eyes of course but the mechanism as described in literature and then uncritically parroted for almost 2 decades it’s wrong and Chameleons do not clean their eyes this way. They do not need external water to clean the eyes, neither do they use it proactively and...
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    CLIMATE OF THE NATURAL HABITAT OF THE MIGHTY YEMEN CHAMELEON The Yemen Chameleon (Veiled Chameleon) is one of the most popular chameleon species in captivity today. Yet it is one of the mostly misunderstood and miss handled a Chameleons in captivity. Let us please finally understand it’s...
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    WHY DO CHAMELEONS RETRACT AND PROTRUDE THEIR EYES? Chameleons’s eyes are sunken. He is dehydrated! He is ill! ...You will hear of people shouting from all corners... Well, might be, but... We tend to misunderstand chameleon’s eyes same, as we tend to misunderstand many of other...
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    NEW Care Sheet for Calumma parsonii

    There are two versions in metric units In medieval units enjoy
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