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    chameleon not moving

    when i woke up this morning i checked on him and fed him and he was fine. i came back into my room a few hours later and found him laying in the back corner. he was super dark and not moving. he’s moved his head a little bit since then, but won’t move his tail or body. what do you think could’ve...
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    any ideas on the black line across his back?

    His heat is about 70 where he basks, and he can't get higher than that, it's about 5 inches from the light too so I don't think it would be a burn mark. What do y'all think?
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    chameleon always dark

    i got a veiled chameleon about 2 months ago and up until a few days ago, he has been fine. usually when i open his cage he will come right up to me and want to come out, but recently every time i open it to feed him or mist his cage he hisses at me. now he's always dark and looks stressed. is...
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    not enough heat

    the temperature is a little under 70 degrees and humidity is 55%, and from what i've read it's supposed to be 70-80 degrees with 65-80% humidity. how can i make it warmer? i want to get the enclosure and lighting right before i get my chameleon. i'm using a exo terra daytime heat lamp bulb with...
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    uvb fixtures

    is this a good uvb fixture for a veiled chameleon? also does that come with the light?
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    LED lights

    sorry this is a dumb question but is it ok to have LED lights in the room with the chameleon? i’ve never had a chameleon before, but i’m going to get one soon. i’m wondering if the LED lights in my room will be safe with him?
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    dripper and misting??

    i’m looking to get a chameleon soon, and i have done research on them for a LONG time, but the only thing i can’t figure out is this: if i have a dripper for my chameleon, do i still need to mist his cage? or does the dripper just add an extra way for him to hydrate? also, if i were to go on...
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