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  1. Itwas

    College Paper

    Well I thought that the winking smiley might express that I was only joking but go right ahead and take it as you will if you really are that lacking in a sense of humour.
  2. Itwas

    has anyone tried this???

    I dont think it would be that great for some owners, here in the UK during winter we can get as little as 6 hours sunlight and I would feel a bit uncomfortable knowing my cham was only getting 6 hours UVB light.
  3. Itwas


    a 10% bulb seems pretty strong, they mostly live in shady parts so maybe you lighting is too bright? What type of pygmies are they, what type of setup are they in, can you post any pics?
  4. Itwas

    fruit fly culture

    yeah sometimes if all the flies have died or been fed off it looks lie there is nothing in but a day or two later little white maggots crawl up the sides and turn orange before emerging as flies.
  5. Itwas

    College Paper

    I remember when I was studying and I actually had to read books and things. kids these days dont realise how lucky they are, all they have to do is stick a post on a forum and someone will do most of the hardwork for them. ;):D
  6. Itwas

    Brev Eggs

    haha that was what I said to my GF :)
  7. Itwas

    Brev Eggs

    my brevs mated the other day and all day sunday the male was on the floor of the viv and was digging a hole. i thought it should be the other way around?
  8. Itwas

    Panther Chameleon Egg Box setup

    is there any way your cham can touch the heat wire wrapped around the bucket? if so id remove it as they get very hot to the touch and could burn your cham if she uses it to climb into the bucket.
  9. Itwas

    no poo

    Chunk you can get just about every type of feeder over here in the UK including roaches, its just a matter of looking around and finding out who has what in stock. Also try searching the UK forums as there are plenty of keepers who have surplus feeders which they are willing to sell for very...
  10. Itwas

    33 Rudis gone...

    No you're making a leading remark.
  11. Itwas

    Newby needs help.

    Amazon you want this almost everyday - and this once a fortnight -...
  12. Itwas

    New to chameleons, need help after failure

    If you are getting a veiled then he is going to need a much larger cage when he is older so take that into account when working out where to put his cage. I also cannot imagine a cham being happy in an area with a load of cats but i dont have a cat so i dont really know.
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    Discovered Something!!!

    Apparently if you feed the female until she wont eat anymore (ive heard this can be very difficult) then she wont eat the male after they mate.
  14. Itwas

    Any one else have this Problem

    my young male veiled is the same. He never touched any leaves until about a month ago and now he will happily chow down on one. He isnt totally ravaging the plant as you say but he will target specific leaves and travel from one end of his cage to another just to take a bite out of a certain...
  15. Itwas

    Help me sex them? Pygmy chameleons.

    thanks Julirs
  16. Itwas

    Roach Shop help please!

    Our postal system is appallingly poor, even though we are a tiny country it can take weeks to get a parcel sent from one end to the other and our Customs and Excise can leave parcels sat in depots for months without contacting anyone to let them know. I personally would not order live food to be...
  17. Itwas

    Help me sex them? Pygmy chameleons.

    Can anyone offer any advice regarding the pics of my pygmies i posted, can anyone identify their sex. I was told they were male and female but I think they may be both male?
  18. Itwas

    Looking drab after shed.

    she just looks cold. how are you monitoring your temps and how often do you do it?
  19. Itwas

    Help me sex them? Pygmy chameleons.

    I may as well continue the game. SEX MY PYGMIES:D
  20. Itwas

    Cage Location Help

    i cover both my veiled's cage and my brev's tanks with covers. my veiled wont really sleep without it and the brevs may not need it but its hardly an arduous task.
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