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  1. Neighborhood Watch

    Neighborhood Watch

    Saoirse keeping an eye on the neighborhood
  2. addicted

    Comment by 'addicted' in media 'Colorful Panther'

    Amazing indeed!!
  3. addicted

    Veild female not eating or drinking, has developed a black spot on her side.

    So sorry, it’s obvious she was well loved by you. That picture of your male and female together is the sweetest ♥️ He looks so proud of his lady
  4. addicted

    i think i am allergic to my chameleons nails

    Very interesting about the plants, hadn’t thought of that!
  5. addicted

    Veild female not eating or drinking, has developed a black spot on her side.

    So sorry to hear but you are doing the right thing for her!! Hope she pulls through for you ♥️
  6. addicted

    i think i am allergic to my chameleons nails

    This happens to me too. Worth mentioning I am also mildly allergic to dogs and cats. Like others have said always best practice to wash after handling but I also find long sleeves help a lot, they grasp the fabric not your skin as much. Try not to scratch the hives! I know it’s hard! If you find...
  7. addicted

    Convulsing, squirming and chin puffed

    All my panthers do this when about to/ during shedding. I refer to it as their ‘hulk move’ 🤓 they’re hulking out of that old skin
  8. addicted

    Help, Potentially broken tail

    When he sleeps is it still curling up tightly? I would probably take him to a vet if not curling to sleep and not grasping with that section. Could need amputation as @CalamityCrow said. The bones inside could heal, maybe a bit crooked, but likely won’t bother him too much, they’re surprisingly...
  9. addicted

    Help, Potentially broken tail

    Hanging from his tail? Like tail wrapped around a branch and hanging his body without grasping? Or tail caught up in something? What does the rest of him look like? Does he grasp with his tail?
  10. addicted

    Sancho's Possible Girl friend :)

    Well I think the short tale is cute, she's like a giant pygmy cham:)
  11. addicted

    Anyone use Fuschias?

    It looks like Impatiens and Busy Lizzies are one and the same:) I've never heard them called that before now:cool: I believe dianthus would be poisonous for chams as they are down on toxic plants for dogs and cats lists. Too bad though, they're very pretty!
  12. addicted

    Anyone use Fuschias?

    They are so pretty when in bloom:) I've always thought they'd make a nice pair of dangley earrings;) Just make sure you place them somewhere in the cage where they are not directly under the UV as they are shade plant. If you like the Fuschias, I think you'd really like double impatiens...
  13. addicted

    Moving with Cham

    So I've checked out my LPS and they do sell the cloth reptile bags, but I'm just wondering how do they breathe inside those things? I know when I'm sleeping I hate it if the blankets go over my head, feels like I'm going to suffocate! Do I tie it as tight as I can so he can't get out or...
  14. addicted

    Bobbin' for silkies!

    Lately when I give my Male panther Chameleon a silk worm, he does the head bob thing. Has any one else seen this behavior around food items? I thought they only do that when they see a female (he has never been in contact or seen a female) 2 weeks ago was the first time in a long time...
  15. addicted

    Who know this cham?

    That's an interesting little fella, did you take that picture yourself?
  16. addicted

    Moving with Cham

    Wow! Thanks for all the great suggestions! I'd love to be able to just keep him right in his cage for moving, unfortunately (well he doesn't mind;)) his cage is 2.5'x2.5'x6'...and it's one of those flexariums, pretty much has to be taken apart to be moved, they're pretty flimsy It's...
  17. addicted

    Moving with Cham

    Hi Guys, I'm going to be moving within the city at the end of this month and I'm wondering what would be the best (stress free) way to transport my cham. I live in SW Ontario (Canada) so weather may be an issue. What type of container would be the best, I have quite a few pets so I have...
  18. addicted

    *Post Your Chameleons*

    Aslan at 8 months old (Ambanja)
  19. addicted

    OK and Not OK Fruits to feed to a cham?

    Mine neither, he only seems to be interested in the dead leaves on his ficus:confused::rolleyes:
  20. addicted

    Agnes' eggs are laid

    Glad to hear her laying went smoothly:) I guess 77, but I hope I'm wrong, you'd be one busy boy if that were the case! Ok, now you have to tell us how many, the suspense is killing me;)
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