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  1. JoeG

    Brand New Light Fixture & Bulbs

    Lowering price to 50 dollars. A great deal for brand new items.
  2. JoeG

    Brand New Light Fixture & Bulbs

    Zoo Med Combo heat lamps & UV bulb. Heavy duty construction, grounded plug, 3 separate switches, one for each bulb, never opened box, 69 dollars originally & 4 Repti- Glo 5.0 UVB bulbs originally 13.25 each, a combined value of 122 dollars, I am going to offer for 70 dollars, a 52 dollar...
  3. JoeG

    My Jacksonii Jacksonii just mated...first time breeder...need advice

    The OP has 129 posts so obviously a newcomer to the forum. Your sarcasm is the reason lots of people are getting turned off by this forum. Just because you think you know everything, doesn't give you the right to put down the OP for an innocent post. Nobody will want to post anything on here if...
  4. JoeG

    Big Outdoor Cage

    It is 3 foot by 3 foot by 6 foot tall & has wheels so it is easily moved around the yard by one person. It cannot be shipped & must be picked up with a pick-up or van due to its size. Your chams will love it. First donation can take it.
  5. JoeG

    T. Quadricornis Female

    CH Quad girl hatch date 11-6-11 looking for a good home. Great personality,calm disposition,great breeder or pet. She lost her tail as a baby & now at 14 months old never knew she had it. Gets around perfectly active. Asking 150 for her which was her cost as a baby. She eats great and is up to...
  6. JoeG

    Giant Monkey Tailed Fischers

    Or Kinyongia Matschei for short. Captive bred juvenile with lots of growing left to do. Hatch date 2-14-12 from the Dresden line. This male is sure to become more impressive with each passing month. Very active & rare chameleon for your collection. Asking 200 dollars , Local pick up gets his 18...
  7. JoeG

    CH Quad Female

    Quad breeders, perfect timing for a quick clutch. She has not yet laid her eggs & will be receptive very soon !!
  8. JoeG

    CH Quad Female

    Lowering her price to 150. She is alert & active & ready for a new home.
  9. JoeG

    CH Quad Female

    Clean, healthy female ready for mating or just a great pet. 16 months old Captive hatch date 11-6-11. Full of personality . Her missing tail doesn't bother her at all. Asking 200 will consider other offers
  10. JoeG

    T. Quadricornis Male

    He is captive hatched on 11-6-11 so 15 months old. One horn had broken a tip a couple of months ago so a little short. Asking 250 for him plus shipping. I have been informed by a few experienced keepers that he may be a Quadricornis Gracilior although I have no way of being certain..FYI
  11. JoeG

    T. Quadricornis Female

    She is captive hatched out on 11-6-11 so 15 months old. She lost her tail at 3 months & does not affect her at all. Gives her more personality. Asking 200 for her plus shipping. I have been informed by a few experienced keepers that she may be a Quadricornis Gracilior although I have no way of...
  12. JoeG

    Introducing Rakaposhy Faly

    Super nice . Can we just call him The Real Deal !!!!!
  13. JoeG

    and so it begins....... the quads in action

    Congrats Laurie,thats great news! It looks like she's not too small for him after all...
  14. JoeG

    Chamaeleo jacksonii willegensis

    Just a different name for tjj
  15. JoeG

    Holy Jackson Babies Batman!!!!!

    Congratulations , they look great. Mine needed lots of humidity & a screen cage when this happened to me.
  16. JoeG


    Great investment, you can do your own examinations. I can let it go for 100.New I believe is near 300
  17. JoeG

    Reptibator Incubator

    I'll lower it to 40 dollars, local pick-ups welcome. Its like new. If you are thinking about one, you don't have to spend 100+ dollars for a new one
  18. JoeG

    Reptibator Incubator

    I've used this for several times with no problems. Holds temperature & humidity & lots of eggs. 50 dollars + shipping
  19. JoeG


    Like new Amscope microscope with trinocular lens for viewing your slides on your computer or camera. 125 plus shipping.
  20. JoeG

    Jacksonii JJ Age?

    Just guessing he looks like a healthy 2 year old. They mature slowly & he looks like a young adult
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