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  1. k8shm8

    Help With Feeding

    Hello All! My veiled chameleon is about 4 months old and I have owned her for about a week now. I am having a hard time monitoring her eating and would appreciate some advice. I am offering her small crickets, superworms/mealworms, hornworms, and silkworms (I aim for variety). I have been...
  2. k8shm8

    Approximate Age?

    Hey All! I got this baby veiled from a local pet store on Saturday. I was just curious about an approximate age for him so I know how much / often I should feed him. Right now I have been doing 8 small crickets / day (he looks skinny to me). Thanks!
  3. k8shm8

    Chameleon Aggression

    Chameleon Info: Male 1yr Nosey Be Panther Chameleon. I have had him for about 6 months or so now. Handling: Very little, maybe once every few weeks. I have a crazy busy work schedule so when I have time I will take him out and put him on some indoor plants by the window but not often...
  4. k8shm8

    Emotional Support Chameleon???

    Hey Guys! So my nosy be panther chameleon is turning 1years old now and he is doing great! I unfortanetly just got the bad news that I cannot bring him with me into my college dorm. I really really wanted to live on campus and get that “experience” (especially because im at community college...
  5. k8shm8

    free feeding vs. cup feeding

    Hey guys! So my chameleon originally was cup eating. I just began to notice that he was not finishing all his crickets or would knock the cup over. After a vet check I learned he was on the skinny side and began to make sure he was eating. I started to feed him with tweezers and now he won't eat...
  6. k8shm8

    Cage Suggestions

    Hello! Per my last post, I am upgrading my chameleons whole cage. I just bought the 24" x 24" x 48" Zoo Med Reptibreeze Large today for my male panther. I just wanted some suggestions for the following items below. Feel free to link to websites or suggest brand names. I have read over some other...
  7. k8shm8

    New Build Questions

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - Nosy be panther chameleon, 8 months. Been in my care for about a month now. Handling - Only handle when necessary, so about once a week if that. I try my best not to stress him out. Feeding - He has primarily been eating crickets since I got him. I have...
  8. k8shm8

    Transporting Your Cham.

    Hello, I have read over some past forums abour transporting chameleons to the vet. I have an upcoming vet appointment and would love some ideas! I origionally was looking at some bird cages and adding bird perches for him to climb around on but I thought that it was too much light and he would...
  9. k8shm8

    Emergency Vet Visit Today...

    I have a panther chameleon, exact age unknown but around 6-9month range. He has been eating 10 crickets dusted with calcium everyday. I hand mist 3-4 times daily for 4 minutes a time. He has a UVB lamp, heat lamp, and ceramic NO LIGHT heat lamp for night time. He is in a medium ZooMed...
  10. k8shm8

    Bioactive Setup Help!!

    Ok so I have gathered my “shopping” list for my bioactive build and wanted to know if it sounds like im on the right track. I have a panther chameleon only 6 month old as of now. Im still debating on screen vs. glass cage and plan on speaking to the breeder we got him from at a reptile expo on...
  11. k8shm8

    Building Trust

    So my panther chameleon, Diego has been in my care for a week now. Everyday I have been trying to get him to eat from my hand to help build trust between us. Today was the first time he didnt scurry away when I opened the door and he ate a cricket from my hand !! Super exciting & just thought Id...
  12. k8shm8

    Water and Humidity Techniques

    So I found this method under the care sheets to help provide water to a chameleon. I was thinking of giving it a try and was wondering if anybody else has tried this? Shower - Another method of providing water, especially to dehydrated chameleons, is by using a shower. Place a large plant in...
  13. k8shm8

    Glass vs. Mesh Cages

    Hey guys! I have been doing research on enclosures for my chameleon. I want to switch to a larger, bioactive vivarium. Most things I have read say that chameleons do best in screen/mesh cages due to better ventilation which reduces upper resp. infections as well as bacterial infections. But at...
  14. k8shm8


    Chameleon Info: So my chameleon is a male panther chameleon, he is about 6 months old. I have only had him for a day. I don't plan on handling him a ton unless he seems to want to climb out, right now he is still learning that people are safe. Once I get to know him better, I will determine if...
  15. k8shm8

    Favorite Foods

    Hey Guys! What are some of your chameleons favorite insects? Im running to the petstore today to pick up some bugs today & wanted recommendations! Thanks!
  16. k8shm8

    New Chameleon Questions

    Hello Everybody! My name is Kate and I am new to these forums. So I am posting this thread in particular because I want all the advice anybody has to offer! Unfortunately, my boyfriends house caught fire the other day and is now unlivable. My boyfriend had many pets including 2 lizards...
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