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  1. Tay And A

    Used reptibreeze cages

    I no longer own chameleons. For sale: reptibreeze cages located in Vancouver WA 4 medium reptibreeze 16-16-30 inches sized cages. $20 a piece. I can ship them if needed but it is very expensive! Average cost is $40 to ship. Please text or call 360-356-5077 for purchase. I also have mist...
  2. Tay And A

    Supplies for sale. I no longer own Chams

    I have mist king heads available. All have been used. 1.Dual head and a wedge for $20 2. Dual head $15 3. Wedge $8 4. Single head and wedge for $10. I have 5 of this type. Buy all 5 and cost goes down! All can be sold individually or as a group. Shipping is available! Please call or text me...
  3. Tay And A

    Going out of business!

    Brays chameleons will be closing down in January 2016. We are sold out of babies now. However We have tons of Cham supplies for sale. Let us know what you need, and we'll be happy to hook Ya up! :)
  4. Tay And A

    Ambilobe eggs

    Sold out! I am selling over 75+ blue barred ambilobe eggs from my Prometheus/(sherbet) poseidon line. $50 each. Discounts if you buy more than 4 eggs. Local sales only. To Vancouver/Portland. No shipping. Sold sold sold
  5. Tay And A

    Adult male body faly/be mix.

    Sadly we are having to part with all of our Chams. Haze is a wonderful nosy faly/be mix boy who is gentle, kind, and well mannered. He is excellent around children as well. Eats a variety of feeders, but not so fond of crickets. He is roughly 3.5 years old. So at this point in time I am open to...
  6. Tay And A

    Male ambanja

    He was born in captivity. His mother was a wild caught imported to us. He is friendly, and is an amazing eater! Just under one year old. Some of what I consider to be the top breeders on here, have his brothers and sisters. Please private message me with any questions. He has not been bred, but...
  7. Tay And A

    Nosy faly female

    She's just over three months old. Bloodlines are Donald and rain from epic chameleons. $165 shipped faly baby or $115 at the March show. Serious Inquries only, meaning I accept PayPal at [email protected]
  8. Tay And A

    Problems with petsmart

    This is a petition for petsmart to start taking better care of their animals. Chameleons in particular. This post was not started by me, but I fully support the cause! Please sign
  9. Tay And A

    Poseidons grandbabies are here!

    I haven't been in the forums much lately. I've been keeping up on Facebook with our breeding plans. We received a great Christmas present! Sherbet (daughter of Poseidon) has laid 29 beautiful eggs from Prometheus! :-) we are very excited about continuing this bloodline. If you love this line as...
  10. Tay And A

    Ambanja male wild caught lines

    Selling my awesome boy named Nip. He's an ambanja, with wild caught lines. 10 months old. Born in captivity, and raised by me. Has a stubbed tail because of an aggressive sibling at 8 weeks old, but this causes him no problems whatsoever. $375 shipped. Overnight/via FedEx. Any questions please...
  11. Tay And A

    Thanksgiving special! Ambilobe red barred male

    Selling my red barred ambilobe Panther male. His name is Saturn. About 10 months old. From kammers bloodline no-nofy. $275 shipped. USA shipping only. Serious inquires only please. Please message me If interested in this beautiful boy. Call or text works too. 360-356-5077 Thanks Alysha at Brays...
  12. Tay And A

    My boy for your girls (ambilobe)

    Looking to trade my juvenile male red barred ambilobe for two female juvenile blue barred Ambilobes. Please message me so I know that you're interested. And I will message you. My male is just over 7 months, so I am looking for females of a similar age. Thanks!
  13. Tay And A

    Male ambilobe for sale

    He is about 5 months old. Bloodlines are blue barred from Kammerflauge. His original name was pouchy. Very good looking boy. Turning out to be red barred and this is the only reason I am selling him. He's growing fast. Eating a steady diet of crickets and Superworms. Asking $275 plus shipping...
  14. Tay And A

    Ambanja's for sale!

    For sale: Adult Ambanja male named typhoon. Over 1 year old. Proven breeder. Sire is Josie at the chameleon company. $300 plus shipping Three female Ambanja babies. 3 months old plus. Not related to typhoon! Wild caught bloodlines. Older brother pictured below. $100 each plus shipping...
  15. Tay And A

    Breeders special on Ambanja's!!

    Breeders special sale!!! Ambanja babies at 3 months old and older. $100 each female and $125 each male!!! Plus shipping. Blow out/close out pricing! Only time they will be this price! I am providing a pic of their older brother in the ad. Their mother was wc. And.... Ambanja adult male...
  16. Tay And A

    Ambilobe male

    Looking for a stunning male. Would like one right around 6 months old. Must be able to be shipped to me. I don't want a drab looking Cham. I want something with bright colors like my guy Poseidon has. I am looking to continue on his bloodline with his daughter sherbet :-)
  17. Tay And A

    Male Ambanja juvenile

    What I currently have for sale.. Typhoon : adult male Ambanja. Over 1 year old. Sired by Josie at the chameleon company. He's in great health! A little fiesty. But nothing a little time well spent can't fix! :-) Please Text/email/or call with any questions. $350 shipped
  18. Tay And A

    Ambanja pairing

    Typhoon and blueberry. $615 shipped. Ambanja's. Both over 1 year old. Never bred. Male has lines from Josie at the chameleon company. Females lines are from iwo. Which is the brother to bonsai at tree candy chameleons. Please Text/email/or call with any questions.
  19. Tay And A

    Ambilobe females!

    Three girls all at 3 months old. Clutch mates. Sired by my beautiful male Poseidon. $105 each or take all three for $315. Prices do not include shipping. Please feel free to text/call/email/or facebook. Link to my website listed below. 360-356-5077 Thanks! Brays chameleons
  20. Tay And A

    Female nosy faly

    Her name is mist. She is approx. 5 months old. Her parents are Donald and rain. Donald has a wc line and rains bloodline is from chameleons paradise "red rain." Mist is a virgin/never bred and never laid. Very sweet little girl. Asking $200 plus shipping Any questions please feel free to...
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