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  1. Nicholashubbs410

    I’m looking for a male Tamatave

    Hi guys, I purchased female four months ago in hopes that she would breed with my male. Unfortunately, after a series of health issues he passed away and now I’m in the market for a male. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  2. Nicholashubbs410

    Medical Bills

    Hey guys, so my chameleon had to go see an exotic specialist and have a procedure done. It’s going to run about $1000 after everything is said and done. Are there any programs that help with financial assistance that are worth looking into? Also, does anyone have any experience with Allstate? I...
  3. Nicholashubbs410

    Cocooning silkworm moths

    Hi guys, I have some large silkworms and I was wondering how to cocoon them? I know that they do it naturally but should I use egg crates so that they don’t get entangled?
  4. Nicholashubbs410

    Homemade silkworm chow?

    I just discovered that I have access to mulberry leaves. Unfortunately, fall is right around the corner and the leaves will be gone very soon. Does anyone know of a silkworm chow recipe? Or of a way to preserve the leaves through winter?
  5. Nicholashubbs410

    Tamatave females

    Hello, I’m looking to purchase a true Tamatave female from a reputable source. Does anyone know of any Tamatave breeders? Is there a way to tell if a female is a pure blood tamatave?
  6. Nicholashubbs410

    Bump on my chams eye

    Hey guys, unfortunately my YBBB has started developing a bump in his left eye. It has been slowly growing the last two weeks. Does anyone know what this could be? Do you think it will resolve itself?
  7. Nicholashubbs410

    Chameleon turning yellow

    I have a eight month old ybbb that’s started to show his yellows when free roaming. In the past, he’s only turned yellow when he’s really angry and defensive. I’m not frustrated, I bought him for the color change, I just wanna know why he’s turning yellow when he’s calm. My tamatave turns orange...
  8. Nicholashubbs410

    My chams mouth is becoming disfigured

    I’ve had my tamatave Arthur for almost a year, and unfortunately he’s had several medical issues. He’s been treated for both burns and respiratory infections. I got his heath under control after altering his husbandry, however he seems to be developing another issue. We took him into a local...
  9. Nicholashubbs410

    Hornworm Moths

    Hey guys, I’m trying to breed hornworms and have several pupa hatching. My question is this, how do I differentiate between the males and females? Do they need to be able to fly to survive? I tried using hummingbird nectar and it killed the last one. Should I just use sugar water?
  10. Nicholashubbs410


    Hey guys, I have a couple different sites that I go through to order feeder insects but unfortunately neither of them will ship through the weekend. Do you know of anyone who does? If I order it on Friday it would be here Monday/Tuesday
  11. Nicholashubbs410

    My cham won’t drink, please help

    I’ve had my ambilobe for about 3 weeks. He eats like a champ (today he ate 4 medium Hornworms) but he loathes water. I haven’t seen him drink since the day we purchased him from the breeder. I took him and my tamatave in for a check up last week and the doc said that he was fine. He still closes...
  12. Nicholashubbs410

    What just came out of my chameleons butt?

    I’ve had my ambilobe for about three weeks now. I’ve suspected that he’s sick because I haven’t seen him drink water. He does however move around a lot and eat a ton of hornworms. I took him to the vet, and the vet said that he’s fine since he’s eating well. He did prescribe some eyedrops and...
  13. Nicholashubbs410

    My panther runs from water

    It’s the strangest thing, he is five months old and I just took him to see an exotics vet. His eyes look a bit sunken in and I’ve never seen him drink water. According to the vet this behavior (along with closing eyes during the day) isn’t a sign of sickness unless he’s refusing to eat...
  14. Nicholashubbs410

    My chameleon is closing his eyes a lot during the day

    I purchased my ybbb ambilobe from the breeder about two weeks ago. Ever since I first purchased him he has closed his eyes a-lot during the day. My other chams do not do this and i know that its a health concern. He has been eating hornworms, but refuses to drink any water. Ive set up a mist...
  15. Nicholashubbs410

    Chameleon sleeping during day

    Hey guys, I just purchased my first ambilobe!!! I brought him home and put them in his enclosure. He seems to be sleeping a lot. I know this isn’t a good sign. Additionally, his left eye stayed closed most of the trip home (about 2 hours). He seems very scared and anxious when he is awake, so I...
  16. Nicholashubbs410

    Needing to buy an ambilobe or ambanja

    I’ve looked over every website that I can find and spoke to local breeders. No one has any panthers for sale at the moment. I currently have a red tamatave, and am wanting to purchase a very colorful male ambilobe or ambanja. Can someone please point me in the right direction? I’ve tri FL chams...
  17. Nicholashubbs410

    Dubia Roach Colony

    Hello Im attempting to set up a Dubia roach colony. I have all the supplies but am struggling to keep the temperature up to 95 degrees. Will the Dubia roaches breed at 80 degrees? If not what can I do to crank up the heat? I have a heating pad in the container already but apparently it’s not hot...
  18. Nicholashubbs410

    Tamatave Females

    Hey guys, I hope that everyone is stocked up on TP. Anyways I’m looking to breed my tamatave panther this spring and I need to purchase a female tamatave to keep the bloodline pure. Does anyone know of any reputable breeders that may have a female tamatave for sale?
  19. Nicholashubbs410

    Is a sugar vine safe for my veiled chameleon?

    My chameleon keeps trying to eat the dead leaves off of this Sugarvine. Is it safe for him?
  20. Nicholashubbs410

    How old do you think my chameleon is?

    How old do you think my chameleon is? I recently purchased a veiled chameleon from his owner. He told me that the chameleon was about a-year-old, but a local Chamaeleon breeder told me that there’s no way this could be true. He hasn’t really gotten any coloration yet, and his body not including...
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