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  1. dagy24

    The Truth

    What your saying is true and applies to most people. However, a lot of people come through these forums it seems who have half dead chameleons as a result of their "care" and when you're like "take it to a vet" they're like "lol but its a four hour drive lol thats so boring lol i don't feel like...
  2. dagy24

    thoughts on reptaid

    Well, usually if you harass them enough they gape. If not I saw on the reptaid website at one point (I haven't seen it since, they might have taken it off the site) a guide for using one of those rubber spatulas for prying the mouth open. I think that's pretty stressful but at least with the...
  3. dagy24

    Night temperature?

    My house doesn't change in temp either but I control that with the lights. However, household temps are between 68-70 pretty much at all times, so with the lights off I get the proper drop in temp. Is your house very warm usually?
  4. dagy24

    supplements for cham CONFUSED

    I dust lightly at each feeding. I use calcium with d3 every other week and a multivitamin every other week as well, and the rest of the time I use calcium without d3. So, Monday-Saturday calcium, Sunday d3, Monday-Saturday calcium, Sunday multivitamin and begin the cycle again. You should dust...
  5. dagy24

    Blue bar Ambanja

    Skybird is right. Just give them somewhere comfortable and try to keep it totally dark and not move it around too much. They tend to fall asleep when it is dark despite what's going on around them.
  6. dagy24

    what is the coolest thing you cham has done

    Bulbasaur climbs on the top of the cage despite being way too big for this at this point, and one time he fell off, and caught himself using only his tail around a vine halfway down the cage. Such fast reflexes. Priscilla doesn't really do any crazyness, although the other day a superworm...
  7. dagy24

    Incubating not required?

    Most people go through a process of digging up and setting up the eggs for incubation, and then incubate them in a closet or something. At this point you shouldn't be moving or turning or digging up the eggs so don't attempt to do that. What type of chameleon eggs were they? And what...
  8. dagy24

    Pic's of yourself with your cham

    Me and Bulbasaur: This was shortly after I got him, he has grown since then and become more colorful. :) I don't have a picture with Priscilla yet, I'll have to get one next time I feel brave enough to attempt to touch her LOL
  9. dagy24

    MY cham's nails are missing!!! what do i do?

    Does he climb on the screen a lot? Mine used to try. I was concerned about nail damage so I lined the inside with green plastic garden fencing. Others here and the screameleons do that.
  10. dagy24

    Veiled sleeping in laying bin

    She's probably exhausted beyond all recognition lol. If she's still sleeping during the day tomorrow I'd say be concerned but she might have not slept last night if she was laying during lights out so she's probably just all off schedule and worn out.
  11. dagy24

    Veiled cham doint like his cage :(

    Yeah, we thought my friends chameleon was about to die from the way he behaved after being taken home from a show, he was purely black for a few days and barely moved from the bottom of the cage. After a few days he finally decided to explore and became comfortable.
  12. dagy24

    i have transitioned

    I had one of these before I couldn't take it anymore and bought a mistking. Definately an improvement over using a pump spray bottle. If I wasn't ultra-lazy I would have kept with it for a while hahaha.
  13. dagy24

    Timing the Lights?

    Right now I'm at 7am to 8pm. The room has a lot of natural light and they pretty much follow the sun either way. Right before lights out the ambient room light goes down with the sun and they migrate to their sleep spots and curl up. Very cute.
  14. dagy24

    Help!! Might have EGGS INCOMING!

    I also used a large plant pot for a laying bin. First time she tried to lay she went for one of the actual potted plants instead and abandoned the hole, then I moved her to a big storage tub filled up with playsand and dirt, which I was actually keeping because I'd mixed a bunch together for...
  15. dagy24

    And it would appear they are fertile.

    The breeder can't tell me if she was bred intentionally or not (???) but did tell me it's very likely she was with a male. Emailed back, hoping it was a male Ambilobe. Fingers crossed.
  16. dagy24

    UBV and heat source

    A dark sheet or curtain would be fine.
  17. dagy24


    Didn't hear back from the breeder. :rolleyes: I sent an email, though. Soon I'll try an actual phone call. Eggs are now 5 weeks old. All, including two that I dropped when transferring them from dirt to vermiculite, are white, full, and round. No mold, no collapsing. One appears yellowish...
  18. dagy24

    Urgent please help

    Oh dear. I think a lot of people here use human first aid products, like flushing with H2O2 and using neosporin. I think you should take him to the vet first thing tomorrow regardless.
  19. dagy24

    should i ?

    The more you can have chams outside in the sunlight the better! I have two small cages outside that I've let them chill in during peak sunlight hours for the past few days since it's been so nice. They're out there right now :)
  20. dagy24

    Hissing since Sheding I keep mine in screen cages, and I prefer them from what I've read. But, others, particularly those outside of the US, also use glass. In the UK from what I understand it's the norm. It's very possible...
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