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  1. suncei

    Black pigment around nose!

    temps in cages : Basking 86-89 degrees and lower part of cage mid 70's .... The cage is connected to 3 mist king nozzles 20 sec intervals 8 times a day humidity stays at about 30% all day.... Plenty of live vegetation and uvb and heat bulb and reptisun 5.0 18" bulb ..... And i take him...
  2. suncei

    Black pigment around nose!

    Hello, My Panther 12Month just got this .... this afternoon ..... its just a black pigment around his nose ONLY ON ONE SIDE.... not sure what it is or what to do about it? SHOULD I BE WORRIED? thanks christian
  3. suncei

    Eating BARK!

    cool thx! im going to look into the butterworms! and I thnk that Im just going to watch him closely if he seems to continue with the bark thing im going to remove it thanks again christian
  4. suncei

    Eating BARK!

    deF.... I just got the chameleon this week! so I began his schedule.... calcium no D3 daily on crickets.... and i just gave him yest his first full day feeding of calcium with D3.... next week on friday he will get multivitamin.... and rotating everyother week..... the calcium d3 and...
  5. suncei

    Eating BARK!

    I wasnt sure if something like this would be a natural thing the chameleon does to clean his mouth .... but if you think it is problematic I thnk its best to remove it
  6. suncei

    getting ready for my baby Ambilobe

    cage looks great.... would def be good to know his age thou..... because if he is too small it will be a big cage for him at first.... also he may need smaller twigs he could wrap his hands around but looks great!
  7. suncei

    Eating BARK!

    Hey here is a picture of the curly piece of dark Dry Root which my chameleon is chewing on....?! :confused: This is a piece of dry uprooted, well, root twig which i found in the desert...... cooked in the oven for 30 minutes and put in the cage..... he seems to like chewing on it... when...
  8. XaviShot


    Xavi the Panther
  9. Member Album by suncei

    Member Album by suncei

  10. Xavi


    about to shoot!
  11. suncei

    Treats For Chameleons

    i have a 10 month old panther and ive had him for 4 days... i gave him wax worms today for the first time .... 2 small 1/4 inch ones.... and then he aight 3 crickets NO problem ... ill keep you posted if i have any issues
  12. suncei

    My new Panther!

    you are right xavi is short for xavier hahaha .... learn something new everyday!
  13. suncei

    HOW DO i humidify my Cage!?

    just bought the cool mist humidifier and it is elevated on a table and facing the cage about 3 ft away... and the humidifier blows its invisible mist into the cage.....right now it seems to be holding the humidity at 50% which is GREAT!:D and even thou it is a cool mist the temp is holding at...
  14. suncei

    My new Panther!

    Xavi ... famous soccer player on barcelona .... and spain international.... his nick name is "chameleon eyes" for his vision on the pitch
  15. suncei

    HOW DO i humidify my Cage!?

    so if i set up a humidifier... than put it at the top of the cage and not the bottom?
  16. suncei

    here is his picture just follow link i already posted this pic somewhere else? i dont have the weight but just a guess .... he is about 6 inches long without tail
  17. suncei

    how old is my chameleon???

    Im trying to figure out my male ambanja's panthers ..... Xavi's age? any ideas?
  18. suncei


    he is a beaut !!! congrats!
  19. suncei

    HOW DO i humidify my Cage!?

    hey guys... I live in las vegas 0-10% humidity the cage gets to a max of 70% when i just mist but after 30 min it is back down to 30% I need a humidifier but my cage is completely screened 2'x2'x3' cage any suggestions of how i accomplish 50-60% humidity? thanks
  20. suncei

    My new Panther!

    thx guys he is doing awesome!!!:D
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