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  1. dclough77

    Dubia feeding(roach food)

    my question is this- how much do you guys dubia eat? I have about 100 i ordered to start a colony, had them about a month and they seem to be producing, i havent even had any deaths. my concern is that they dont seem to eat near enough i would think lots of roaches would devour food. Im...
  2. dclough77

    Red Eye Tree Frogs

    really pretty encloser even nicer frogs. awesome!
  3. dclough77

    Repcal cricket food

    i advise the cricket crack,; i believe in having crickets eat good stuff and keep it in their bellys constantly. i add in veges regularly with this for the dry food. but i guess i dont nessasarly "gutload" either.
  4. dclough77

    question about feeding roaches

    Ive introduced roaches to my 8month old vieled. Question: He will only eat 1-2 out of my hand and i know thats not enough, he will then eat crickets or hornworms after. And he wont touch them at all in his cup. Any tricks here? i want to make roaches his main food but eating only a few a day...
  5. dclough77

    Cricket farm

    roach colonies are easy, and affordable to start out. check on the sales list on these forums can get some or tikitiki in sponsers sells them. hopefully crickets work out for ya, but roaches are a good alternative and better for your cham
  6. dclough77

    Zoo med Habba Mist System

    mist king or aqua zamp are much better options, the pressure is deff a huge diff but id say the best thing about the good ones is they run dry and dont burn up. the cheapoes willburn up.
  7. dclough77

    veiled cham

    it is hard to say the ambient tempature in the basking spot, thermostats dont really check them. But IMO(which isnt prof just have a veiled myself) the basking spot may not be warm enough so he wants to get dark for more heat. It would be best if you could get a heat...
  8. dclough77

    veiled cham

    i agree here the form is helpful, my vield used to get darker when basking(heat attracts better to darker colors) untilli got the temp just right for him. fill out that form maybe we can help more.:)
  9. dclough77

    Need some advice PLEASE!!! Veiled Chameleon

    could be a shed soon(the white), which can make the dull colors as well, also when vieleds bask the get a bit darker. Hard to tell his feelings really your doin the right thing asking here! I agree with the sunbath take him outside! rain might make him drink ;)
  10. dclough77

    Need some advice PLEASE!!! Veiled Chameleon

    are you sure about the age? loooks realy small maybe its just the picture making it that way. looks like the size of my 7month old. This is a great place to learn all you need hope you can get him to eat, or drink which is more important, you could try a shower, not hardly warm to your skin and...
  11. dclough77

    possible eating solution

    you can try cup feeding for a while too i dunno about puttin in another cage, no experience with that
  12. dclough77

    - 17 & no power Harry New Year

    us southerners have it good i guess... i cant even imagine that temputure
  13. dclough77

    Which misting system?

    Id go with mistking 100% martys a great guy will help you out if you need it. and the systems are much better IMO aquazamp is also a great one so ihear! i just wouldnt go with the big name like exoterra(cheap stuff imo)
  14. dclough77

    Bloody Stool and vet closed for holidays

    panacur is a dewormer, you can buy it at repile stores(least the one near me) its a dewormer used for many animals, chams too. Ive used it before and worked(my vet told me it would be a cheaper way). Im not saying to not call your vet but look it up, and it has worked for me.
  15. dclough77

    Chams in the shower?

    dont put them directly in the water make it where the mist bounces off a wall or something, and not really warm they are cold blooded remember so warm to us is hot just make it like skin temp to you and should be ok. where i live the clorine seems fine have not come across any problems ever.
  16. dclough77

    Too much D3

    depends on a lot, uvb doesn't really go thru glass well so if its a window then it doesn't do much, then screen blocks it out again(a little so multiple screens=more), i would stick with the uvb bulb and supplement the d3 3x a month, you'll need regular calcium without d3 tho for most feedings.
  17. dclough77

    Is it normal for chams to eat substrate?

    its a controversy animals eat soil to get minerals they are missing, as long as theres no big clumps or bark chunks or small rocks she can get should be fine. Vields are known for eating plants/soil/anything they can get i dont know what type you have but. but you will probably get mixed...
  18. dclough77

    nosy faly

    i love these guys colors may have to be my next cham. :) nice guy there
  19. dclough77

    reptisun vs reptiglo

    unless banged up bulbs will last without use, aka can be stored for a long time.
  20. dclough77

    veiled chameleon coloring

    vields get dark to soak up the sun as dark colors attract heat/light better. could be lots of things but my guy will be dark on one side(the light side) normal brights on the other side
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