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  1. addicted

    Bobbin' for silkies!

    Lately when I give my Male panther Chameleon a silk worm, he does the head bob thing. Has any one else seen this behavior around food items? I thought they only do that when they see a female (he has never been in contact or seen a female) 2 weeks ago was the first time in a long time...
  2. addicted

    Moving with Cham

    Hi Guys, I'm going to be moving within the city at the end of this month and I'm wondering what would be the best (stress free) way to transport my cham. I live in SW Ontario (Canada) so weather may be an issue. What type of container would be the best, I have quite a few pets so I have...
  3. addicted

    no more crickets

    Lately my cham has wanted nothing to do with the crickets that I normally offer as his staple so I recently switched him to superworms, which he loves. I measured and weighed him last night as I want to keep a close eye on his growth since he hasn't been eating properly as of late. At 10...
  4. addicted

    How many forum members does it take to change a light bulb?

    * 1 to change the light bulb and to post that the light bulb has been changed * 14 to share similar experiences of changing light bulbs and how the light bulb could have been changed differently * 7 to caution about the dangers of changing light bulbs * 1 to move it to the Lighting...
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    Are they safe for chams? Has anyone used them? I found a site that says they are harmful to dogs and cats but it also says pothos is too...
  6. addicted

    A flowering vine?

    Can anyone suggest a flowering vine type plant that would be safe for chams? My Hibiscus tree died (left it outside too long...Canadian winter got the best of it!) but the shape of the tree is very nice and I'd like to find a nice flowering vine to let grow on it. I was thinking along the...
  7. addicted

    What causes Panther Locales?

    I was wondering what causes the different Panther Locales, I'm assuming that different food items in different areas would have something to do with it. Also different foliage would cause them to adapt to blend better? If their environment decides their appearance, will keeping/breeding them...
  8. addicted

    My chams tail has a mind of it's own!

    When my cham is climbing around on the top mesh in his flexarium, sometimes his tail will wrap around one of his back legs. I guess it's trying to find an extra 'tail hold' when he's climbing upside-down, but there aren't any on the flat screen top. When he tries to take another step with...
  9. addicted

    How often do you redecorate?

    I redecorated my 7.5 month old Ambanja Panther, Aslan's, enclosure yesterday. I wanted to show you guys a before and after shot...would have helped if I had remembered to take the 'before' pic;) Ahh well, It's a 2.5'x2.5'x6' Flexarium, I originally had only a ficus and a few fake vines. I...
  10. addicted

    Anyone looking for a Meller's in London Ontario?

    I've never seen them for sale here before but there's a female Meller's at Pet Paradise right now, I'd estimate her at about 6" SVL, and she's selling for $199. Just thought I'd let everyone know;) I'd take her myself if I had extra money for the cage, etc.
  11. addicted

    My Chameleon Flashed Me!!!

    Yesterday, I was just walking by his cage and I noticed something RED(and I mean really red) near his bum. I raced over to get a better look and he had his, ah, male appendage out! It seemed like he was stretching it or something? It was kind of flexing and rolling around. Is that normal...
  12. addicted

    Awesome National Geogrphic video

    I just found this awesome clip from National Geographic on YouTube. I've never seen a chameleon actually come out of the egg! Seems like the perfect place for Mom to have laid them, complete with a buffet table!;)
  13. addicted

    Help, my heat lamp broke!!!

    I was just cleaning my chams enclosure, and clumsy me,:rolleyes: I knocked the heat lamp off! The bulb is smashed, but more importantly, the fixture doesn't work anymore. I'll be buying him another ASAP but until I can get one, what kind of fixture would be safe to use from around the house...
  14. addicted

    I've never seen the real sun before!!!

    I brought my 4 month old Ambanja Panther out into the backyard yesterday, for the first time. All I can say is WOW! He must really like the natural sun because he showed me his 'true colors' like I've never seen (on him anyways) Of coarse, the pictures don't do him justice, but I could see...
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    I read on a couple other chameleon sites that Impatiens are safe to use in a chameleon set-up, however I don't see them listed in the 'Live Plants' resource on this site. Has anyone ever used these before, any thoughts? Just in case you're not sure what these are, here's a picture
  16. addicted

    Is this normal?

    I have a 4 month old male Ambanja Panther Chameleon. I've noticed that occasionally he seems to blink really hard (he seems to be sort of pulling his eye in) and at the same time a sort of bubble comes up from the side of the eye socket. He only does it once or twice at a time, and not very...
  17. addicted

    A couple of questions from a newbie

    I got my baby male Ambanja 2 months ago, he should be around 3.5 months old now. Originally I bought him as a birthday present for my boyfriend, but he's pretty much all mine now, guess we'll just have to get another one! LOL, that's why I have my name as 'addicted', first it was Cichlids, then...
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