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  1. Samcham1

    Zilla Tropical Mist Spray for Reptiles

    Any one ever heard of this? I was browsing on line and came across this spray for reptiles that need humidity. It can supposedly be sprayed directly on the animal and around the habitat daily. I've never seen it or even heard anyone mention it till now. Discuss:D...
  2. Samcham1

    Eyes look sunken while sleeping

    I was just lookin at my cham while he was sleeping and i noticed his eye looks sunken. Thing is I'm always lookin for signs of dehydration, loss of appetite and such and he has been fine. Matter of fact I was watchin him earlier and his eyes looked fine. Can this be just cause he's sleeping and...
  3. Samcham1

    Sambava basking on it's side

    Hello errybody, i have a quick question. Is it normal for chams to sometimes bask on their sides? I caught my sambava basking on his side earlier, it was like he was laying don on his side under the basking light. His eyes were open and he got up and walked away fine after i approached his cage...
  4. Samcham1

    pics of my other pets (duw)

    Here are some pics of some of my other pets. my Dorkie Eugene blue butterfly halfmoon cello halfmoon panther crab pastel bp Chango Vlad, my vampire crab Scarlett, my blonde leopard tortoise and Tortelini my other leopard tortois
  5. Samcham1

    question about humidity

    Hello all, I am having trouble keeping humidity in my cages so i decided to cover 3 sides with plastic. I know chams also need good ventilation so here is my question. I am covering the full backside for sure, but i wanted to only cover part of the sides. Should i leave the bottom or the top of...
  6. Samcham1

    DIY Mist system (anyone have plans)

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone had good plans they could share for a good DIY mist system. I have searched, but have not come up with anything so far. Thanks in advance.
  7. Samcham1

    Rhacodactylus auriculatus

    Here are some pics of the gargoyle gecko i picked up at the San Antonio expo this past weekend.
  8. Samcham1

    Clear feces

    The last 2 times my sons Jacksons pooped it has been clear with a white spot. He is eating dubias fine and i've seen him drink plenty and he is active throughout the day. Basking spot is 85 ambient temp is 76. Misting 3 times a day and using a dripper. Dusting roaches with Reptical with no d3...
  9. Samcham1

    Slag and his enclosure

    Here is a pic of Slag, my sons Jacksons Cham that he named after the Dinobot triceratops from Transformers. I also included a pic of the enclosure i built for him. It is 20x20x36 and I sealed the wood with 3 coats of minwax polyurethane. The plant is a schefflera sp., I couldn't find a dwarf...
  10. Samcham1

    Got my Jacksons today

    My Jacksons came in today and is settling in fine. He drank alot of water and ate 2 crickets. I managed to snap a pic before i put him in his enclosure. It looks like he just had a shed as he has a little on his head. He went straight to bask for a while then starting drinking and exploring.
  11. Samcham1


    Is 10.0 uvb overkill for chams? Why do most recommend 5.0?
  12. Samcham1

    Waterproofing cages

    I just built a new cage for my sambava and am now about to waterproof the wood. I used the search engine and found some threads about this, but there are so many different opinions. So i was wondering, could i just use an exterior paint? It seems to work on houses and such. Or would i need...
  13. Samcham1

    Does this cham look healthy?

    Someone offered to sell me this cham at a great price due to personal problems. He is about a year old and I was wondering if he looks healthy to yall? Here is a pic of him and his enclosure. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  14. Samcham1

    Cham art

    This is my first attempt at art using my bamboo pen. I still have a lot to learn, it looks rather cartoonish, lol but it is really fun learning. Plus i only have one program to use at the moment. Any way here is my first drawing/painting with my tablet.
  15. Samcham1

    New to the forum

    Hello, my name is Jaime. I am the new owner of a 6 mnth old Sambava Panther Chameleon. I have also owned two bearded pygmy chameleons for about a year now. I just got my panther chameleon 3 days ago and he still hasn't eaten in my care. He has plenty of fake foliage and 2 live plants, ambient...
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