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  1. cmrush88

    shake bake crickets?

    okay, I had a question about dusting your crickets. Do you sprinkle it over them like salt and pepper or do you put them in a zip lock baggy and shake them like shake n bake chicken? Also, when you are giving your multivitamin and d3 supplements, do you do that in the same day? AND do you still...
  2. cmrush88

    Hi, I'm new and have a question!!!

    Hi there everyone. I was wondering you all could help me. Currently, I am getting the necessary supplies for a future cham, but I had a question about species. Which do you think would be the best species to start with? Panther? veiled? Does it matter?
  3. cmrush88

    Mister? dripper? or Fogger?

    I am still in the research process, so I haven't gotten a chameleon yet, but I was wondering from all of you chameleon geniuses out there, what would be the best thing to purchase? The Habba Mist auto mister? a dripper? or a fogger? I won't be home for most of the day, so I was wondering which...
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