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  1. Muffin28

    Grow light 9w

    Hello ! :) just wanted to see if anyone has used this grow light before? Amazon link below. GE BR30 LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Full Spectrum, 9-Watt Grow Light Bulb, Plant Light Bulb with Red Reproductive Spectrum for Flowering and Fruiting...
  2. Muffin28

    Chameleon won’t go back in cage

    I accidentally left my Veiled’s cage open too long and he came out. He is reluctant to go back in his cage now. I tried to bribe him with food but he isn’t having it. He is in my room (door now closed) windows shut, and it is clean. I left some dubias (his fave) in the cage and left the cage...
  3. Muffin28

    Ants in umbrella plant

    Hello! I seen a few tips on how to get rid of ants in cage but I wanted to know what might’ve triggered the ants to come in? Specifically on my umbrella tree plant! I’ve had my Cham for almost a year and have never had an ant issue. When I looked in his cage today I was so surprised how so many...
  4. Muffin28

    Sleeping on mist king

    Hello! Anybody’s Cham ever fall asleep on the mist king I feel bad I didn’t catch it sooner to leave the light on for him to get to a more comfortable position
  5. Muffin28


    Tonight’s sleeping position 😂
  6. Muffin28

    Mistking Bulkhead 3/8”

    Any recommendations on 3/8" Metal Bulkhead with O-Ring + Plug ? I would buy it off the mistking website but shipping is $13 and I wanted to see if there were any other options before I hit submit this is what I’m looking for...
  7. Muffin28

    Hibiscus Help - Dr.Earth?

    Hello! As soon as I got my hibiscus it wilted right away ? I’m attempting to bring it back to life but I wanted to know if anyone has used Dr.Earth’s hibiscus fertilizer? It says it’s pet and human safe & all natural. This is the one I was looking at: Dr. Earth INC 756P Exotic Exoitc Blend...
  8. Muffin28

    Dragon Ledges

    Did the product change??? I ordered some and I’m currently trying to install cause I gave up on trying to install the mistking (also horrible), but based on the video Bill Strand posted the parts look different !! Super annoying and I just wanna cry. I don’t understand how to use the spacer...
  9. Muffin28

    Mistking Help!

    Getting EXTREMELY frustrated with the mistking instructions. It would be far more beneficial for them to post a video on how to set it up step by step because the vids I’m finding on YouTube and the written instructions are really NO HELP. I think I messed up and placed the plug on the inside...
  10. Muffin28

    New Enclosure

    Helloooo, Just wanted to see if my enclosure is up to par for a 2.5 month male veiled chameleon. This is a 24x24x48 mesh cage. Heat lamp up top along with a 22” Arcadia 6% bulb. Please let me know if anything should be added or removed. P.S - I have some wood branches on the way that I...
  11. Muffin28

    Male Veiled?

    Hello Everyone! I have a 2 - 2 1/2 month old veiled chameleon. I was told the chameleon was male but I am just unsure if it might be the opposite? Maybe I’m just paranoid. I would greatly appreciate some help! :)
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