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  1. DGray

    New cham fossil suggests they “rafted” from Africa to Madagascar

    I saw this over at There was also this earlier paper supporting the same idea:
  2. DGray

    An article on fluorescence of Chameleon head tubercles

    I also spotted this over at original work:
  3. DGray

    Three more new species

    Saw this over at Has it been reported here yet?
  4. DGray

    Habitat loss threatens chams in Tanzania

    Another bit of news found on
  5. DGray

    Article: Skink has family structure and digs for large family

    this is interesting: an Australian skink lives socially with related individuals and digs big tunnel complexes for all its kin.
  6. DGray

    Incubator failure: 45 quad eggs gone

    My three clutches of quad eggs were frozen by the incubator over the weekend. I'm really wrecked. For the record it was a "Repti Pro 5000", bought from the company via ebay in June. Anyone have a good suggestion for an incubator that heats, cools, and doesn't fail in 3 months?
  7. DGray

    lizard gestation affected by geopghyical Origin

    This just up at the New York Times Science section: Fence lizard eggs hatched at differing rates - Northern populations were faster -seems obvious enough. Read all about it.
  8. DGray

    a new feeder for neonates?

    One of our European members, BelgiumLizard mentioned using bean beetles for a feeder here Follow the link in my response to learn more about this insect. Does anyone have any experience with these. And does anyone know where can I get them in California? Edit: I see they can be ordered...
  9. DGray

    "Speed of Life" on Discovery Channel

    Did anyone catch the "Speed of Life" "hunters of East Africa" on Discovery Channel tonight? There was quite a few minutes of chameleon coverage, with pygmies, common, and a few other sp., and lots of high-speed tongue-shoot footage. Looks like it will be repeated on the 15th.
  10. DGray

    Third quad female laid... finally

    Last night I saw my third gravid female quad digging. Today I will excavate the clutch; I'll update when I know how many eggs. This lady took her own sweet time; they all were bred about the same time but she has been waiting for more than a month after the other females laid. Its been...
  11. DGray

    Raxworthy : NYT slideshow 'Chams of Madagascar'

    check it out:
  12. DGray

    more quad eggs, these from Ugly Betty

    Lo and behold, when I looked at my girls today, the first female had lost a lot of weight. Never saw her digging, or on the ground even. She did decline to eat yesterday and the day before. She is the one I call Ugly Betty, because she has a nose wound that has never healed, and, she is the one...
  13. DGray

    female quadricornis is digging...

    OK, I'm like an expectant father pacing the corridor. This morning I saw one of the girls is starting to dig, so I curtained off the area. I just had to write something, because otherwise I'm going to bust! Curiosity is an enormous monster, but Im not paying any attention to him.
  14. DGray

    Decline in snake around the world reported

    Several news sources are noting the report in Biology Letters on the decline of snakes around the world. Here's a good blog about it at Nat. Geo. There is also a good one at the BBC. I guess it should not be surprising; we are witnessing and participating in the fourth great extinction.
  15. DGray

    Marine Iguanas on Galapagos stress-out NYT

    A new study published on how marine iguanas react to the stress of food shortages.
  16. DGray

    Raxworthy answers chameleon Qs at NYT blogs

    Readers questions posed during the recent expedition in Madagascar are answered in the most recent science blog worth a read. Raxworthy is one of the most noted...
  17. DGray

    Two malagasy chameleons above 6500' NYTimes

    Just posted on NY Times science blogs: Raxworthy on the search for two high-elevation sp. on a mountain in Madagascar: I'm doing this from my phone so sorry I can't seem to...
  18. DGray

    quadricornis feeding aggression

    Like a lot of people, I thought keeping small groups of quadricornis together was reasonably safe, but an incident that occurred yesterday has me re-thinking that supposition. I was feeding the cage with three female adult wc quads, and one who had just finished two crickets, struck the...
  19. DGray


    In recent weeks I've added to my chameleon and reptile bookshelves. I though I would put up my books in hopes that other will be able to use the list, and perhaps members will suggest titles they value that I might have missed. Chameleon specific: 'Chameleons - Nature's Master of Disguise' -...
  20. DGray

    books: Reptiles In West Africa, FG to Reptiles of East Africa...

    Just wondering if anyone has seen a copy of either of the following: Reptiles In West Africa by George Cansdale Field Guide to the Reptiles of East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi by Stephen Spawls, et al If you have, would you recommend them for the chameleon content?
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