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  1. cbeal1

    Fischers chameleons?

    I was wondering if anyone know of a decent male dwarf fischers chameleons available for sale? Everyone seems to be out of stock on them. Or even CB babies would be awesome. Would also like to know what some other peoples experiences are with them. The good and the bad
  2. cbeal1

    New Cage Setup!

    i just reconfigured my oustalets chameleons cage and he seems to really love it! i still would like to put a few more vines and fake plants in towards the bottom but other than than i think its all right. its a 150 gallon reptarium with cpvc for the frame. i used the old joints and they fit...
  3. cbeal1

    can i feed this?

    i caught this little guy and i was wondering if i can feed him to my cham diesel. thanks
  4. cbeal1


    I caught some moths from outside they are kinda big. They don't have any fancy colors on them. Are they ok to give them to my cham?
  5. cbeal1

    ? about my oustalets

    his name is diesel and im a little concerned. he doesnt seem to eat as much as a young male oustalets should. he just shed yesterday so i wasnt surprised he didnt eat much yesterday. but today i through a couple of crickets in his cage and he ate 2 of them and then he ate 2 superworms. that just...
  6. cbeal1

    More pics of diesel!!

    here are some more pics of my oustalets cham diesel in a big ficus tree i just got. he must have really liked being in the tree because as soon as i put him in there he started showing some great colors. and a pic of what your not supposed to do to your thumb at work lol.:D
  7. cbeal1

    Roaches for this guy!!!!

    well my girlfriend made the mistake of telling me if i did something today i could get some dubia roaches! lol ( she didnt think i would do it thats why she said it) but i did and now im getting dubia roaches!! and im very excited because i hate crickets! :D
  8. cbeal1

    He is finally here!!!!

    I finally received my male oustalets cham yesterday!! i ordered him a week ago and had him on hold till now. i think he looks really great. i set up a dripper shortly after i put him in his cage and he emediately started to drink! i waited till this morning to feed him and he ate a bunch of...
  9. cbeal1

    oustalet ??

    Ok so I ordered a male oustalets chameleon and it arrives next Tuesday. I requested a younger male. So that's what I should be getting. So anyways, lol I was wondering how much they should be misted? I have a mist king and I'll be using that for the majority of the misting. And also I have a...
  10. cbeal1

    MIST KING for sale!!!

    I have acquired an extra mist king starter kit (parents bout it thinking I didn't have one). Well I had one and I don't need 2 so I'm selling the extra one. Everything is unused except the nozzle I used it for a couple of days to see if 2 nozzles would work in my cage but it didn't so I took it...
  11. cbeal1

    Saline Solution

    i was wondering if this saline solution would be ok to rinse out my chameleons eye? Thanks for any info!:D forgot to post link! duhh
  12. cbeal1

    Eye problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello Everyone, Well i thought that my chameleons little eye issue was clearing up. he was keeping it closed sometimes, so i was giving him extra mistings and he wasnt doing it as much. Now he is keeping it i am posting some pics and hoping you can give me some advice on what to do...
  13. cbeal1

    Terramycin Eye Ointment?

    Hello everyone, Well i am considering buying this product (Terramycin Eye Ointment) and i was just wondering what you all thought about it. i don't know much about it. how do i apply it? when should i use it? how much should i use? Who has used it and what was the prognoses? just some thins...
  14. cbeal1

    Need Help!!

    hey everyone, i ordered my reptarium yesterday and im just wondering how you would set up the misting nozzle in that type of cage. if someone could help me out, maybe post some pics.:D those are always really nice! lol Thanks
  15. cbeal1

    Reptarium Questions

    hey everyone, i will be getting a 175 gallon reptarium for my panthers chameleon and i wanted to know a couple of things. 1. how sturdy are they? i have heard some bad reviews about the 260 gallon reptariums and and that is bigger than what i need so im getting the 175 gallon and would like...
  16. cbeal1

    Advice Needed!!

    ok so i got a bunch of silkworms, butterworms, and hornworms. But my chameleon is not interested in them at all. i figured if i stopped feeding him crickets for a couple of days he would be hungry enough to at least try one of them, but i was wrong.:( he was not interested. 3 days went by and he...
  17. cbeal1

    Do you think they will make it?

    I ordered some hornworms, butterworms, and some silkworms from mullberry farms on tuesday. They shipped on wednesday and I had heat packs shipped with them. But of course with my luck I didn't receive them on Friday or Saturday! So most likely I will be getting them on monday. And I just want to...
  18. cbeal1

    Help ordering Hornworms and Silkworms!

    I need some help on where i should order my hornworms, and silkworms. i live in wisconsin and its really cold right now. and i want to know from somebody that lives in a cold area, there experiences ordering these worms in a cold area. what was the company? did they arrive alive? Please help! i...
  19. cbeal1

    Chameleon doesnt eat very much.:(

    Ok so i have an ambanja chameleon and i have had him for about 3 months. ever since i got him he hasnt been eating as much as i think he should be eating. he only eats like 5 or 6 crickets a day. and he sometimes eats a couple superworms. iv tried waxworm and am still trying the waxworms. iv...
  20. cbeal1

    Got my Mistking today!!!

    Well today i got my new Mistking today and its pretty sweet! Although i dont like the value nozzle that came with it.:( And i was going to order a premium one but remembered that the shipping is kinda crazy. So im kicking myself for not adding one on when i ordered the system. but i really like...
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