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  1. dagy24

    And it would appear they are fertile.

    The breeder can't tell me if she was bred intentionally or not (???) but did tell me it's very likely she was with a male. Emailed back, hoping it was a male Ambilobe. Fingers crossed.
  2. dagy24


    Didn't hear back from the breeder. :rolleyes: I sent an email, though. Soon I'll try an actual phone call. Eggs are now 5 weeks old. All, including two that I dropped when transferring them from dirt to vermiculite, are white, full, and round. No mold, no collapsing. One appears yellowish...
  3. dagy24

    Comment by 'dagy24' in 'Oh, Sillymeleons.'

    The pothos? Yes, it's on a metal stand with skinny little legs so it's not noticeable. I moved it to a different stand now its only a few inches from the floor so I could put more vines and branches through the middle.
  4. Oh, Sillymeleons.

    Oh, Sillymeleons.

    I spent all last night redoing Bulbasaur's enclosure. He now has tons of colorful flowers. I am aware that some chameleons may find lots of colorful flowers bothersome, but he seems quite fine. At first he wandered around confused because his set up is very different than it was, but by the end...
  5. dagy24

    Biggest Forum Pet Peeve!

    This post isn't directed at anyone in particular... Unless you do any of the things that I mention in this post. Then it's directed at you. Right at you. Feel it. Feel it's burn on your flesh. Now read on: I've always been someone who frequents forums for whatever thing I happen to be...
  6. dagy24

    A Stressful week.

    This week has been rather awful. Mostly for personal reasons. I'm struggling to keep up in school and feeling down over it. And, of course, this week was the week I got my new male panther, and the week my female panther decided to lay. Most of my friends could not care LESS about chameleons, so...
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