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  1. bighutch917

    Looking for CB or CH Quadracornis

    Hello, I am looking for a reasonably priced male quad. Please send me a PM if you have something of interest. Thanks. Andrew Lone Star Chameleons
  2. bighutch917

    Another Ambanja Gem....

    The pics are a little grainy but I love the white hues on this guy. I call him The Cisco Kid :D!
  3. bighutch917

    Love is in the air....

    Today felt like a perfect day for breeding. Here is my WC Ambilobe breeder Mo' Green aka The Big Alamo getting his groove on :D!
  4. bighutch917

    Geronimo - A true purple bar Ambanja

    With temps warming up here in Dallas, I was able to get a couple of outdoor shots of my six month old purple bar Ambanja breeder Geronimo. The attached photos are of him at rest. Luckily, I have been hoarding a pair of CH purple bar Ambanja females and I plan to pair them up very soon :D!
  5. bighutch917

    CH Female Ambanja coloration

    I am rearing a clutch of captive hatched Ambanjas and the girls are displaying very unique coloration (orange/brown). At 1.5 mos old, I expect the clutch to be very impressive. I will post pics of the males as they further develop.
  6. bighutch917

    WC Ambanja Breeder

    I haven't posted pics in a while but I wanted to share a couple of my young WC Ambanja breeder Jesse James. Hopefully, his offspring will look as impressive as he. I hope you enjoy :D.
  7. bighutch917

    The future of chameleons....

    Just thought I would start my day by looking into the future of chameleons. What's your take :rolleyes:?
  8. bighutch917

    New Chamelons Species - A MUST SEE!

    I will be the first to publicy offer the recently discovered chameleon species, Furcifer Panthera leo. Pre-orders are welcome and the offspring will be available in the distant future :D.
  9. bighutch917

    AWESOME - CH/BB Male Ambilobe!!

    I have a beautiful 8 month old captive hatched blue bar Ambilobe male up for grabs. He has never been bred but he is very ready, willing and able :D. His diet consists of 5/8" - 3/4" crickets and he readily consumes 8-10 per day. He is active, alert, healthy and he has a very calm demeanor...
  10. bighutch917

    Unique Ambanja...

    I acquired this sub-adult WC Ambanja a few months ago and he is quite a anomoly. When he arrived, his background was pale grey as were his bars but with fire red speckles. Shortly thereafter, his body turned peach like that of a receptive female. At that point, I began to question his sex...
  11. bighutch917

    CH Ambilobe Males

    I have a few captive hatched Ambilobe males up for grabs. They are 2.5 - 3.0 months old and eating 1/2" - 5/8" crickets. The dam was wild caught and the available males are unrelated to anything in the U.S. My asking price is $300 shipped via Fedex Overnight and PayPal is my preferred...
  12. bighutch917

    Incredible Ambilobe Male - 5 mos

    Up for grabs is a incredible five month old Ambilobe male sired by my breeder Yamz. Initially, I held him back due to a minor eye injury that he suffured at three months old. As you can see per the attached pics, the eye has healed 100%. He is a big boy and he can devour 10-15 3/4" crickets...
  13. bighutch917

    Ibegeek incubator issues?

    I was wondering if anyone had issues with thier Ibegeek digital incubators. My fan's motor burned out after only 8 months of usage. I would appreciate feedback from all. Thanks Andrew
  14. bighutch917

    Am I crazy or insane???

    I can't believe that I am letting this guy go. owe me BIGTIME :D!
  15. bighutch917

    Ambilobe SCREAMERS!!!

    Up for grabs are 3 screamers sired by my orange body blue bar Ambilobe breeder Yamz (see avatar). The available males are only 3-4 mos old and they are already displaying extraordinary colors. They have great temperaments and are eating 3/4" crickets. My asking price is $200 plus shipping...
  16. bighutch917

    Incredible Ambilobes for sale...

    I have some incredible Ambilobes for sale that were sired by my orange body blue bar breeder Yamz. The available males are 3-4 mos old and they are displaying INTENSE orange/red backgrounds. I have spared no expense with regards to providing optimum care and nutrition and I have no doubt that...
  17. bighutch917

    Mother Nature at her best...

    I have been delaying posting this thread but I felt it was time to share it with my chameleon bretheren :D. On 11/5/10, while cleaning one of my enclosures that was being occupied by a female Ambilobe I found a neonate in a puddle of water. Initially, I thought it was dead because of the...
  18. bighutch917

    Sub-Adult Faly_Banja - Male

    I am offering for sale, a flawless 8 mos. old CH male Faly-Banja that I acquired from FlChams under the notion that he was pure Nosey Faly. Once it was determined that he was a cross, I decided to keep him out of curiousity of what he would become. He is very docile and he eats like a champ...
  19. bighutch917

    LLL okay by me....

    I just received a shipment of feeders from LLL Reptile and a large percentage of the insects were killed during transit. I contacted the service department and they were very apologetic and customer friendly. They agreed to replace my order by Tuesday and I just wanted to publicly commend them...
  20. bighutch917

    Magnetic Screen Enclosures

    Does anyone know what happened to those magnetic screen enclosures?
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