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  1. quattlebaum12194

    other reptiles?

    what other reptiles can live in a 24x24x48 screen enclosure? I have 2 of them and i wanted a different reptile
  2. quattlebaum12194

    Getting a Trioceros jacksonii

    I am getting a Trioceros jacksonii soon, ive done lots of research, but is there anything very important that i need to do, i have a 24x24x48 enclosure, bur i want to know what i should get to put in it.
  3. quattlebaum12194

    How to breed

    Im thinking about getting a pair of veiled chameleons for breeding, but ive heard that chameleons do not like to be around each other, how would i breed them safely without them getting too stressed out
  4. quattlebaum12194


    I have a 24x24x48 enclosure and i was wondering if someone could send me a link to a good linear uvb.
  5. quattlebaum12194


    do i have to have a drainage lair in a bioactive enclosure? and if you have a bioacive enclosure send me a picture
  6. quattlebaum12194

    Any suggestions?

    I recently bought a jacksons chameleon from an expo and i was wondering if you have any suggestions or additions to his enclosure to make his life happier.
  7. quattlebaum12194

    jacksons chameleon enclosure

    i recently got a Jackson chameleon and i got a 24x24x48 and i was wondering what plants are big enough to fill it up and are not toxic to him.
  8. quattlebaum12194

    Heat and uvb

    does a heat lamp uvb combo use a lot of electricity monthly
  9. quattlebaum12194

    Reptile expo

    I am thinking about getting another veiled chameleon, But i do not like buying from retail like pet co pet smart etc. I was wondering if reptile expos and conventions are a good option.
  10. quattlebaum12194


    I have never been to a convention before and im going this weekend to get a new chameleon and i was wondering if they sell feeders there too.
  11. quattlebaum12194

    Josh's frogs?

    i heard that josh's frogs is a good site to buy feeders but i wanted some info from you guys before i buy something off of there
  12. quattlebaum12194


    what is the best website in your opinion to buy chameleon feeders
  13. quattlebaum12194


    Is it good to buy the zoo med enclosure kit and then slowly work my way up to live plants, and slowly add more or should i just do my own build completely.
  14. quattlebaum12194


    What is the best website to buy feeders for my male veiled chameleon?
  15. quattlebaum12194

    Is it good to have substrate

    will making the enclosure bio-active save a lot of time, and if i do not what will i pt on the bottom of the enclosure to ensure that there is no bacteria to harm my vieled chameleeon
  16. quattlebaum12194

    Breeding Hornworms

    Is it worth it to breed horn worms, or do you think that it is better to just buy them.
  17. quattlebaum12194


    Do chameleons need substrate
  18. quattlebaum12194

    Live or Artificial plants?

    do you think its better for the chameleon to have live plants or artificial, also what is a good plant that will fill up empty space in the enclosure
  19. quattlebaum12194


    i am taking in an adult male veiled chameleon and i'm wondering what some good live plants to get, i also would like to know what you guys would prefer to feed your chameleons,
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