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  1. Toroumi

    Picky or is something wrong?

    Hey guys I feel like I posted about having a similar problem with my other chameleon but my current one doesn't ever want to eat roaches or crickets even hornworms he only wants grasshoppers supers and waxworms I was just wondering if it's ok for him to eat just that ? I kinda wish he'd eat the...
  2. Toroumi

    Ants in feeder enclosures

    Hi all does anyone else in California get stupid ants in their house during the summer?? Every summer I have problems with ants getting into my feeder containers and it's driving me up the wall 😦😦😦 any solutions to keep ants away from them imma cry 😭
  3. Toroumi

    Locusts/grasshoppers in CA?

    Hi friends does anyone know where I can get locusts or grasshoppers in SoCal? I wanna try giving sum to my son😃 attached sum pics of him cuz he just looks cool look at him :>
  4. Toroumi

    Gutload block thing

    Hi all I heard about how u can mix a bunch of veggies and fruits and stuff in the blender and freeze it in a icetray and give it go ur feeders and it provides all their food and hydration it sounds cool and I wanna try it but what stuff should I mix together? Anyone got any recipes or something 🙌🏼
  5. Toroumi

    Enclosure feedback lol

    Hi everyone my chameleon is here here's how I set up everything does it look alright or should I move something idk if u can tell but both the lights are like 7-8 inches from that skinny branch I decided to make the basking area also I have a mistking set to go three times a day is the placement...
  6. Toroumi

    Enclosure helpp

    Hi everyone I'm preparing my enclosure and I'd like some advice on where to place sticks and where to put things n stuff cuz I'm not creative at all so its kinda hard lol My questions are: 1. What sticks should I put in there and where (labeled the sticks in the pic for convenience lol) 2. Are...
  7. Toroumi

    Sumn new

    Hi everyone me again lmao after much crying and throwing up I am sad to say that my chameleon passed away 2 days ago.. I was crying all day bro this sucks 🙁 honestly its my fault for not giving him the proper supplements for the past 3 years and I should have educated myself more even if he was...
  8. Toroumi

    Eye infection

    Hi everyone i previously posted about an eye problem my panther was having and since then I took him to the vet on Saturday they said he was in really bad shape and dehydrated they gave him vitamins and fluids and an antibiotic injection and said if that doesnt work to consider putting him down...
  9. Toroumi


    Hi everyone recently I've noticed my chameleons eye has this weird thing in it I thought it was just shed at first so I misted him more than usual but in the following days it seems to have gotten worse 😧 I pulled it a little thinking it was just sum kind of trash but it didn't seem like it'd...
  10. Toroumi

    What is this (kinda gross)

    Hey all, I saw my chameleon struggle to swallow something and it looked like he had a stick in his mouth so I pulled it out and this came out it was kind of long anyone know what it is I feel like it's just a stick but I'm kinda concerned it's not.. pic kinda bad cuz I threw it in the trash...
  11. Toroumi

    Funny story

    Hey everyone just wanna share a bit of an odd story about how I got my chameleon so my grandpa gave him to me but the weird thing is he found him in a trashcan at his house i have no idea how he got there like i don't think someone would just throw such an expensive animal in the trash but like...
  12. Toroumi

    Oh worm?

    Hello guys my panther chameleon refuses to eat anything besides superworms and I was just wondering if it is ok for him to eat only that. I gjt load them with greens and whatnot and dust them. He has only been eating superworms for about 4 months now
  13. Toroumi

    Heat lamp

    How many watts should the heat lamp bulb thingy have for a panther chameleon
  14. Toroumi

    JUST got hornworms bruh (kinda expensive !))

    Just bought a couple hornworms ! How often I should give them to my chameleon??
  15. Toroumi

    Just got waxorms bruh

    I just got sum wax worms for the first time anybody know how often i should feed em to my chameleon
  16. Toroumi

    Chameleon doesnt want crickets

    My panther chameleon doesn't seem to have any interest in eating crickets at all and im wondering if he can be fed any other staple food
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