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    My panther doesn't seem to want to eat the roaches in the feeding bowl - I thought maybe it was the bowl but he eats crickets in the bowl find. Any ideas ?
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    power outages

    Hi what do you guys do when you get a power outage
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    isopods and spring tails

    Hi all, anyone have any suggestions regarding keeping isopods and springtails alive - I dont really see them - I tried lifting some dirt up. The bottom of the cage is around 67-69 C - 3 foot tall cage - top near 80 with basking spot 85. Humidity reading 40ish near bottom with periods reaching...
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    temperature gradients

    My cage is 36wide by 36high and 18deep - basking with 75w is 85-90 at far left but bottom of cage is 60 including far right of cage. I was thinking of adding a second heat lamp on the right side since branches aren't as high to increase heat to the cage. Any suggestion? Its in my basement...
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    UVB Lighting

    Hi, im getting back into this hobby and cant remember some things wondering if you all can help me out. I bought the Reptisun 5.0 T8 UVB 36" - what light fixture does this fit ? is it a different fixture for T5 vs T8 ? I see 34" bulbs and 36" bulbs. I find it hard to believe that there are...
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    How to avoid eating dirt in bioactive cages

    Hi all, anyone have suggestions for how to avoid your Cham eating the ground foliage when doing bioactive setup ? For example Biodude uses his soil topped with sphagnum etc. I know you can use a feeding dish but if you aren't using a feeding dish would you avoid a bioactive setup ? Covering...
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