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    Starfish Flower cuttings! Attracts food for Chams!

    US Sales Only! Hello All. I have cuttings of a very weird but cool plant for sale (Stapelia gigantea). This is a fairly easy to grow succulent plant from South Africa. It puts off huge strange flowers that smell like rotten meat to attract flies. The flies believe its meat so much that they...
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    Strange Place to Find a Cham

    Dig this weird article I found
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    Xanthos from Kenya??

    Well going through the Cham ads I found this post for Jacksons Chams for sale. Well not just any jacksons, jacksonii xantholophus. What I found so interesting about these particular Xanthos was there from Kenya! Now Ive seen chams being sold from Kenya before, even though I dont...
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    2 New 48'' Reptisun 10.0 bulbs

    Local Sale Only! Palm Beach County Area / South Florida I have (2) Brand New 48'' T-12 Reptisun 10.0 Bulbs for Sale. ONLY $22 for the two!!! Great Deal!!! PM me with Questions.
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    Brown Anoles for Sale! (Food or Pets)

    Hello All! Brown Anoles are abundant this year! They make great feeders or fun pets. These guys are great feeders for panthers and veileds. I feed a coulpe a month to my chams. They also make cute pets. Care is much like a small cham. They also have interesting patterns. No two are alike. Any...
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    Used Screen Cages in S.FL (cheap!)

    Hello All!!! I have some used screen cages for sale to South Florida Locals. If you live in the Palm Beach County area and are looking for cheap cages, Hit Me Up! Thanks for Looking!!!!!
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    No More AdCham?

    Is there no more If so I will miss it and the many hours I spent reading and re-reading info on chameleons. Thanks, James!!!!!!
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    Killer Male Veiled for Sale!!!

    Hello All!!! I have this Absolutely Awesome Male Veiled for Sale! He is about 2 years old. He will eat anything that fits in his mouth. He is a big boy with very unique colors. Bright oranges outline his teal green body. His bars are also a unusual but attractive yellow. He is a fantastic for...
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    Sowbugs anyone???

    Hello all! I was wondering if there is any one out there who has ever used sowbugs as a staple for baby and pygmy chams? I have had soo many insect issues this summer so im trying some new feeders. I have made about 10 cultures with about 25-50 sows in each one. They are wild collected from my...
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    Care for Croc Skinks? Triblonotus gracilis

    Hello All! I just recieved a pair or WC Crocodile Skinks (Triblonotus gracilis) in a trade and I was wondering if there is any out there who could give me some pointers? What are the best temps? Prefered foods? Housing tips? Im currently houing each one in a 10 gal tank with cypress mulch, a few...
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    Awesome Senegals for sale!!!!!!

    Hello All!!! I have 3 (1.2?) absolutely awesome WC Senegal Chameleons from Benin for sale. These are long term captives that I purchased last Febuary. They have been treated with Reptaid and Panacur. These guys were juvies when I got them and now there adults so I know there not very old. They...
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    A Veiled who needs a GOOD home

    Hello All! I have a very pretty slightly runty male veiled who needs a good home. He had a injury to his legs from falling when he was young (around 5 months) and it set him back on growth a bit. He is about 16 months old. He is about 2/3rds of the size he should be. His back legs work fine now...
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    15 Brand New "T" Mist Nozzels Cheap!

    Hello All!!! I have (15) Brand New Mistking "T" Misting Nozzles for Sale! Im only asking $175 Shipped! This is a Great Deal!!! I paid $14.00 a piece for these and there $14.25 on there website. Your not going to find a better deal on nozzels. PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking! James
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    South Florida! Overnight your FF's!!!

    I just want to throw out a warning to any South Floridians planning on ordering fruit flies this summer. ITS HOT! OVERNIGHT THEM! Every order of fruit flies i've ordered this past month, from 4 sources, all came in dead. Even my last order that I did, 2 day UPS with ice packs, all 4 cultures...
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    who has CRICKETS???

    Who else is getting sick of this cricket virus???!!! Now Ghanns isnt selling any for a few weeks.... Going Bananas!!! Everytime I order crickets from a random source, I get ripped off. I just ordered 2000 1/8ths from ---- and guess what, there cant be but 1000. Lame eh? Im just kind of ranting...
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    Will FF Mites Harm Baby Chams?

    Today I recieved 6 fruit fly cultures (hydei) that are full of mites. LOTS OF THEM. I have never had them before. I need the flies to feed a small clutch of veileds that stated to hatch. My question is this - Will the mites harm the baby chams in any way? Should I throw these cultures out? Help...
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    Starfish Plant (Stapelia Gigantea) for Sale

    Hello! I have some Stapelia Gigantea or Starfish Plant for sale. These are a succulent from South Africa that put off a very strange large flower that resembles starfish. The most unqiue aspect about this flower is that it smellslike rotting meat to attract flies for pollination. Care is much...
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    Wheat Grass as Gutload?

    Hello! I was wondering what the pros and cons of using Wheat Grass as a gutload are? When I first started working with veileds a few years back, I would put a pot of some in the cages and a veiled or two would eat it. I figued it couldnt hurt, maybe im wrong. Ive read some pretty postive stuff...
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    Beautiful CB Male Veiled

    Hello all! I have this fantastic CB Male Veiled for a local sale. He is around 2 years old. He is super healthly and has good weight. He can be handled so he will make a great pet or breeder. His only flaw is he's missing a few nails. This guy is for a local sale only. I dont want to ship him...
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    Trading My Chameleon Supplies for Your BUGS

    Hello! I need bugs! Fruitflies, Crickets, Silkworms, Hornworms and Superworms. No Roaches. This is What I Have, Reptariums 65 and 260 gallons. Mist Nozzels. 30 Inch Fluorescent Light Fixtures. If you breed any of these insects and want to trade for some of my supplies PM me please. Thanks for...
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