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  1. andy27012

    Bleach concentrations

    I am writing this in hopes of clarification. I do not have many animals so I currently disinfect in a 5.25 bleach undiluted to disinfect bowls/accessories. I use f10 in the cages. While this has done well my question is, do most recommend a 10% bleach solution and if so where do you source...
  2. andy27012

    Cricket question

    i was wondering how long everyone chills there crickets to slow them down? Do you guys put them in the freezer or fridge? I stuck an order of 500 in the freezer for five minutes or so and lost half of them. I have an additional 500 on the way and really dont want to lose as many this time around.
  3. andy27012

    Cham aggression

    do male panthers normally mellow some with age? I have a six month old that hates being handled, to the point he jumps off my arm to get away. Pre cleaning Post cleaning I take him out during his weekly cleaning to try and get a good look at him to make sure I don't see any health concerns.
  4. andy27012

    Silkworm sample

    I remember coming across a Dubia roach breeder that had a sample pack for not much. Essentially enough to find out if your animal will eat them or not. Does anyone know of any silk worm suppliers that do this? I hate to spend the money on chow, a container and a grater solely for silkworms if...
  5. andy27012

    Feeder rule for soft bodied insects?

    just wondering if you follow the "no longer then there head is wide" rule for soft bodied insects like silkworms and hornworms?
  6. andy27012

    Feeding cup

    i saw on here that some one was selling pre made feeding cups. I am interested in purchasing one but can not find the ad or remember the user name.
  7. andy27012

    Predation in outside cages

    with the nice weather coming I would really like to let my guy outside to enjoy it. My concern is that my neighbor has two fat a$& cats that they let free roam. I have asked that they not let them roam my yard as they drive my dogs crazy and me as well. In addition to being so heavy they tear...
  8. andy27012

    D3 poisoning

    I understand d3 is fat soluble and has the potential to build up in an animal over time and potentially cause issues. My question to everyone is, have you had or have you known some one who has a documented instance of d3 poisoning? Not, my friend had a buddy whose animal died of d3 poisoning...
  9. andy27012

    Banded cricket life span?

    in preparation for my new guy I'm trying to figure out how many crickets I should order at once. To start out I plan to purchase locally but at fourteen cents a piece to determine best size but it doesn't make sense to not at least try banded crickets. My question is how long do they live, I...
  10. andy27012

    American lucky reptile retailers?

    Like the title says, anyone know of any American retailers that Carrys the lucky reptile line of products?
  11. andy27012

    Do chams taste change with age?

    After having to sell my last cross from kammerflage five years ago because life got in the way I am finally In a position to have a collection again. I know it's a silly question but do chams taste change with time and age? I could never get my old guy to take anything but crickets. I tried...
  12. andy27012

    Unreceptive female

    I have a 2 year old f1 unproven female panther that is totally unreceptive. Both her and her boyfriend are are housed in 4x2x2 screen cages. I am running a pro mist, a 48 inch uv light to cover both tanks and a herpstat. The males kept around 86-87 and the females 82-83 for there hotspots, both...
  13. andy27012

    Multiple verses single prey items

    I know there are choking hazards involved with single large prey items that have a hard exoskeleton but outside of that are there any advantages/disadvantages to single verses multiple prey items. The reason I ask is because in my years of keeping snakes it was always believed it was healthier...
  14. andy27012


    What age do panther chameleons generally become aggressive towards other chams? I have an eight month old that is very territorial and hates being messed with in his cage but when I show him to the female I have he tries to crawl all over her (not mating either) and she gets very defensive and...
  15. andy27012

    Furniture quality cham cage?

    Does anyone on the forum build furniture quality cham cages? I am going for a very finished look and need it to have some very specific dimensions/charrcteristics. It would be great if you were near NC. I would love to go with titan but dont know if hes still in business. Photos of previous...
  16. andy27012

    Titan still building cages?

    Does anyone know if titan is stll building and selling cages and if so.what the best way to reach him? I have tried pm and e email. Andy
  17. andy27012

    For anyone debating dubai

    This is for anyone debating upon whether or not they want to feed or raise blaptica dubai for their chams. I have spent the last five months dealing with crickets, the smell, the escapees and the nearly fifty percent death rate despite food and water gel provided at all times. I have had a...
  18. andy27012

    Sources of protein for blaptica dubai

    So I finally bit the bullet and bought a colony of dubai, I got 500 nymphs, 100 "large" (within a shed or two of being adults) and 20 breeding females and 10 males. A lot of people online seem to use dog food or cat food for their source of protein but it just doesn't seem healthy for my cham...
  19. andy27012

    Brookesia Minima

    I was wondering if anyone had a line on how to get a hold of some of these guys, w/c is fine. Also has anyone had experience with them? It seems as if getting them exported alive is quite a challenge.
  20. andy27012

    Excessive hiding

    I have a 11 month old f1 female panther, I tend to leave her alone as she is not friendly and has a tendency to go on eating strikes if handled or stressed. I have her in a standard 24x24x48 screen cage. I had a pothos that was wrapped around a post, it is about three feet tall. When I took...
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