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  1. pocoray

    How smooth is too smooth? and how much is too much?

    Some what sworded title i know xD Im sorting branches for my enclosure build, and some are on the rather smooth side, my worry is will my cham (still to get) wont be able to grip adequately... Am I worrying for nothing and willing to add in extra work, or is it better to be safe than have a...
  2. pocoray

    Build debate!! who's right, me or my wife?

    SO we are doing a diy enclosure and i thought me and partner were on the same wavelength with the ventilation. As it was a VIV made for a snake or a lizard ( few vent holes at the hope and a few random bits) I want to take 2 pieces out the sides and add meshing to them to add extra ventilation...
  3. pocoray

    Best Advice (rather than trusting google)

    Hi lovelies!! Hope your all very well! Me and my partner are currently making an enclosure for a Cham were planning on getting in the near future. Of course we have been reading up a lot about chams and their needs and requirements but i sometimes find with google that it can give you the...
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