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  1. Mickaa2001

    Light housing size?

    Hello, I think it is personal preference. My Veiled chameleon is in a Reptibreeze xl and I have his UVB light on top of the cage perpendicular with a double lamp for plant light and basking. I put the UVB on top to cover more space for my plants. My panther chameleon has a zilla large enclosure...
  2. Mickaa2001

    Angry chameleon

    I’ve never tried short sleeves I just normally let him do his thing and respect boundaries. Leto definitely does express himself. He amuses me all the time. 😌
  3. Mickaa2001

    Angry chameleon

    He will climb on my sweater or a shirt and have no problems but as soon as he touches my skin he puffs up and gets mad. Now I have never forced myself on him or tried to hold him against his will. But it’s an observation I’ve made. He will climb on the stick. He trusts me and he will climb on my...
  4. Mickaa2001

    When the sun goes down Eustis goes to bed

    My chameleon gets natural light and timed lights. I'll set the automatic lights to daylight savings time but He goes to sleep when it gets dark outside. I live in the Pacific north west. Its winter here and the days are shorter so he goes to bed earlier. In the summer he says up longer because...
  5. Mickaa2001

    Angry chameleon

    I have a Reptibreeze xl enclosure. he will climb up and down on the door then look at me until I let him out. Hes been getting out since he was about four months old. Originally his cage was by my sw window. I live on the 3rd floor of an appartment building and he likes looking down on the...
  6. Mickaa2001

    Chameleon wants to get out?

    My veiled likes to get out of his enclosure. I set up vines that go from his enclosure to the windows and let him climb on my big plants. Leto my veiled there is never enough space. hes just super curious. He craws on the floor when he gets tired of the heights. He sees me go out my front door...
  7. Mickaa2001

    Angry chameleon

    Hello Im new here but I have a 1 1/2 year old Veiled Chameleon. He gets lots of free time outside of his enclosure but hates the feel of human skin. I have a Branch I call Leto's stick. He will climb on the stick when its time to get back in the enclosure and I built a canopy of vines that lead...
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