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  1. Winterlandbullies

    Help!!! Young veiled chameleon

    I have a young veiled chameleon. Well I went to clean enclosure. And I noticed a white spot on his spine. Upon further investigation I found a what appears to be a Crack in its skin across the spine. I did not notice this 3 hours ago. Any help would be appreciated
  2. Winterlandbullies

    Reuse bird cage

    I know this has been asked before.... but hear me out. I have some large parrot cages my mother in law left behind when she up and moved to Wyoming. Can anyone think of a reason I couldn't mount some pvc board on the sides and back and screen the top and front door, and bottom and use the slide...
  3. Winterlandbullies

    Best brand

    So when I purchased my veiled I ##### up and purchased from petsmart due to convenience.... well I purchased the reptibreeze "chameleon kit" and I gotta say I absolutely hated this setup. First off it's flimsy as hell. Second there is no real base to this they make you have to buy a substrate...
  4. Winterlandbullies

    Hello new to chams.

    Hello all. I'm new to chams but not new to reptiles, and animal husbandry. This is my newest addition it's a veiled chameleon unsure of sex and honestly haven't looked Into how to sex a cham. quite yet. This is its current setup with a flukers littledrip for at night and a thrive drip plant for...
  5. Winterlandbullies

    New to chameleons

    Hello there new member. Currently looking at getting a panther chameleon. Could someone give me some proper enclosure setup ideas. Not new with reptiles as in the past I've owned a 10' Columbia common boa. Currently own two ball pythons,and a leopard spotted gecko. At this money is not the...
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