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  1. J

    anybody going to LI reptile Expo?

    Ha ha thought it was today, its tomorrow. Anyone else going?
  2. J

    LI reptile expo

    Sunday at Hilton Inn in melville. Any forum members going? I have no room for anything but i just can't help myself when i get there
  3. J

    force feeding

    Any tips on how to get cham to open his mouth to try to get a syringe with food in? Scareing him only works for one moment and is not repeatable. Tryiny to force their mouth open seems tough. Spraying water is not working either.
  4. J


    Yoshi the prevert has been up to no good lately. <a href=";current=272.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
  5. J

    cham feeding frenzy

    So Yoshi's hanging around his feeder cup after finishing his crickets with that "i'm still hungry" look. So i give him a little treat, I bring out a styrofoam coffee cup with some wax worms. He gets excited and shoots the cup out of my hands! He actually pulled the cup to him but it fell into...
  6. J

    got lucky

    Had a scare with my free range veiled cham [yoshi] yesterday. He has about a 16'x3' area over a 130gal pond in my living room that he calls home for over a year. My grandson found him in the kitchen [about 20' away] climbing on the oven. i'm glad he found him before my lab did. He was very...
  7. J

    Long Island reptile show

    Anybody else go? Man it was mobbed. under pressure from my grandson i caved and got 2 pygmys. They already ate some small crickets. Stopped in my usual pet store on way home to show them off, guy buying some tropical fish says, what do you do with them? I didn't really know what to say, what do...
  8. J

    The wanderer

    He roams around, around, around. You'd think Yoshi would be happy; TWO trees and some tasty crickets. But NOOOOOOOOOOO, he plots a jail break and escapes to neighbors wysteria and my evergreen about 30' away. Son in law spotted him about 8' up in tree. Here's his escape rout [he assisted in...
  9. J

    Strange behavior

    Yoshi my @ 1 y/o veiled has decided to try cannibalism. After downing about 10 small crickets, I noticed him shoot at his own tail. I thought a cricket had gotten on it but he did it again. This time he dragged his tail back to his mouth and started munching on his shedding skin. Is this normal...
  10. J

    red shirt fail

    So I go to the Long Island, NY Reptile Expo in the Melville Hilton with my grandson in our red shirts looking for other forum members. I see about 10 people in red shirts. I ask 3 of them if their cham forum members and get very strange looks. I guess the wear a red shirt wasen't such a good...
  11. J

    frozen Yoshi

    I live on Long Island NY and we jusy had a terrible nor'easter. I lost power [and heat] from Sat night till late tues afternoon. Temps at night went to upper 30 degrees [F] to the 50's in the day. It was @ 40 in the house [i froze at nite]. I live on the water [Great South Bay] and had flooding...
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