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  1. Purp

    New Nosy Be...

    Pretty sure he's male. Let me know what you think.
  2. Purp

    Question about heat and UVB lighting in enclosure

    I have a fairly large enclosure 5'x3'x2' and I was wondering how many UVB light sources I would need and how many heat lamps I would need?
  3. Purp

    Somnia, the Graceful Chameleon: General Advice

    Welcome to the forums! It's nice to see a few other people post things about gracefuls on here. Not many people have graceful's. I have a graceful and he is great. He like's his space though... Shy guy. Meet Slim...
  4. Purp

    Runny Poo

    Is she properly being hydrated? Do you run a drip system and are you misting 2-4 times a day (depending on how hot your cage stays)?
  5. Purp

    New chameleon

    I would say that you have a graceful chameleon.
  6. Purp

    Slim - - - New Pics!

    Thanks ace. I don't see many graceful chameleons on here but I think he's a great looking cham.
  7. Purp

    Slim - - - New Pics!

    Thank you very much laurie and jannb!:D
  8. Purp

    What are the symptoms of MBD

    " Signs of metabolic bone disease include hard knobs in the long bones of the legs, bumps along the vertebral column of the back and tail, bilateral softening or hard swelling of the lower jaw, and softening of the plastron or carapace. All of these signs may be felt before they can be seen...
  9. Purp

    Video of Stanley looking sexy this morning.

    Great looking cham! You've done a great job raising that guy. :cool:
  10. Purp

    Slim - - - New Pics!

    Slim's been doin big things today. I was finally able to hand feed him some large mealworms for the first time. Here he is... Fresh off a shed.
  11. Purp

    Best place to buy chameleon online? has some very nice chameleons. Very reputable.
  12. Purp


    I'm also wondering this... Also, what range of humidity is ideal for a graceful chameleon in a 4'x2'x2' enclosure outside in a garage? Right now mine stays around 60-70... Is this alright?
  13. Purp

    has anyone?

    I'm almost positive that the website you mentioned is a very reputable chameleon dealer and to answer your question I do believe it comes with a chameleon.
  14. Purp

    Just a few pics...

    You can use any image uploading service on the web to upload your pictures from your camera to the internet. just to name a few... After uploading, just use the direct link it provides and place that link in between the code. hope this helps.
  15. Purp

    Is this just a shedding?

    Thank you jojackson. I can thank several members on here for providing me with the right information on how to keep chams. I'm glad you think he looks great though!:cool:
  16. Purp

    Is this just a shedding?

    As promised, here are the pics after he got rid of most of the shedding. Let me know what you think! I've had him for just a week and he seems to be doing great.
  17. Purp

    Is this just a shedding?

    I've got some great pictures of him breaking out of his old skin. It was kind of cool seeing him puff up and show some of his bright lime greens with some bright yellows on his neck. He was moving quite a bit lastnight before bedtime trying to get rid of the old skin. These animals are amazing.
  18. Purp

    More than 1 graceful chameleon in the same cage?

    Could I put more than 1 graceful chameleon in the same cage? I'm unsure of this and want to run it by fellow members.
  19. Purp

    New owner, double checking.

    One of the main things i read about would be the large substrate. Remove this even if you think it is to large for her to consume, there still would be a possibility that she could get a hold of it somehow. Let's not take any chances... I would also do away with the water bowl as it only serves...
  20. Purp

    I feel so bad for the cham... pet store abuse!!

    Tell them that you will do them a favor and take care of him if they'll just let you have him!:D No cover what so ever, glass terrium?, drip system? Disgraceful...
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