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    Safe to Feed/Handle?

    Hey, i was wondering about something i found in my bag of crickets. Everytime i buy crickets from a petstore there are little Black worm like bugs that are crawling around in there. I have no idea what they are or if they are poisenous or dangerous to my cham. Some of them have a little fur on...
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    Chameleon and frog anscestory?

    I was wondering if frogs were at all related to chameleons in any way. I never noticed this before, but both chameleons and frogs can shoot their tongues out to catch prey. Does anyone have any information of a common anscestor or something?
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    How old is too old?

    I was wondering for chams (and most lizards in general), how old is TOO old to breed? Can a 2 year old male mate with a 5+ year old female? Or is there a certain menopause like thing that chams go through
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    Little dripper is a big waste of money?

    Today i saw the little dripper at petco and it was 13 dollars!!! Its just a stupid plastic jar with a hole and a straw!!! What do you guys think?
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    My friend needs advice!!!

    Today one of my friends left his baby panther on a perch in his living room and when he checked back on him, the cham was missing. It also turns out that the kingsnake he bought from the reptile auction a few weeks ago also escaped his aquarium! Do you guys have any tips on how he should handle...
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    How to set up a laying bin in a mesh cage?

    Hey, i never expected my baby flapneck to be a female, but as she ages i am not noticing any spurs. So i want to know in advance, if i am in a mesh cage, how would i go about setting up the laying bin? I heard they dig a lot, and she might dig and cut up the mesh. Should i put plastic under it...
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    Is this a normal size poop??

    Today in my baby chams cage i found a GIANT poop, like one that a 7 month old would poop out. Its a little bigger than an inch and im attaching a picture. I dont think its normal for a baby thats 3 inches long to have such large feces. I think it may be a health problem, maybe constepation...
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    Baby has trouble eating

    Hey, im pretty sure this does not require a help form so if you guys really need one then let me know. My baby cham who is a few months old took a while to soften up to her new home and today i noticed her eating, but with a problem. She notices one cricket and is aiming at it, but then sees...
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    When forcefeeding becomes necessary?

    Your Chameleon - Flap neck chameleon, in my care for 4 days, got him from reptile show, possibly around 2 months old Handling - A few times every day to inspect him Feeding - Small crickets and mealworms but not sure if she is eating Supplements - Plain repti calcium on most of his crickets...
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    I dont understand Fruit Flies

    Hey guys, i have heard a lot about babies liking fruit flies and i am confused. If you release fruit flies into their cage, wont the flies go everywhere and escape the cage? How small are they? How do you contain them?
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    Can small crickets rip through a mesh cage?

    Hey, i got a small mesh cage for my flapneck a few days ago and im letting small crickets roam around in there and i was wondering if these small ones are strong enough to bite through the mesh. If so, how long would it take?
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    Nutritional benefit of white superworms?

    Hey, in my box of superworms i noticed that there are some white superworms that i guess have lost their shell and are ready to pupate, do these pose as any nutritional benefit for the chams?
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    When to start feeding my baby mealworms

    I just got a baby flapneck and he is a few inches long and i can only feed him crickets. When can i start feeding small mealworms?
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    My first baby flap neck

    Hey, i just went to the NARBC show and i got an amazing deal on a baby flapneck and i couldnt resist its little face. So, i spent like 100 dollars there on stuff i needed for him/her. Im also having trouble determining if its a boy or a girl because it looks like theres no spur, but maybe its...
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    Is this a cool name for a veiled? :D

    How does Franklin D. RosaVeiled sound? :D:D:D
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    Small Casque on Veiled?

    Hey, my adult male veiled has a small casque compared to most of the pictures i've seen here. I know there are 2 types of veileds, 1 that is sunburst and one that isnt. But is a small casque a bad thing? Does it symbolize something?
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    How much do chameleons go for at NARBC?

    Hey, im going to NARBC this saturday at arlington and i was wondering how the prices were for babies and young adults? I heard the prices are really good and i was wondering if anyone had experinece with these guys
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    How should chameleons look like when they sleep?

    Hey, i was just wondering, when veileds are sleeping are they supposed to be puffed up like when they are basking or should they be small and skinny?
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    Introducing waxworms into his diet

    Hey guys, well my chameleon has been on a worm streak for a few weeks now. He wont eat grasshoppers or crickets. Only superworms. Well, i got some waxworms for the first time today and i was wondering what would be a good way to introduce them to him.
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    I want to save this poor guy

    I recently got an email from someone who wants to sell me their male veiled and i was heartbroken by the pictures she sent me. The chameleon is in a 10 gallon aquarium with no bedding or climbing stuff. He looks really weak too. Here are some pics: I am probably going to buy him, just so i...
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