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  1. Catdragon

    Lex showing his color

    I swear this boy is growing fast. I havent even had him a week and he is all over his cage and loves going outside. I am so glad he is a happy boy. He just gets brighter everyday.
  2. Catdragon

    Baby Lex out in the sun

    He was really enjoying the day. It was too nice out to not give him a try.
  3. Catdragon

    When to sun a baby?

    Saturday I got a 2.5 month old Nosy Be at the Reptile Show from Amazing Blue Reptiles. I was wondering with all this wonderful Ca. sun, how long before I can give him some natural sunshine? He is adjusting well, eating, drinking, pooping, should I wait till he is more comfortable in his new...
  4. Catdragon

    Fun in the sun :)

    Just wanted to share some pix of my little Superman, Kal-El, enjoying a nice day outside.
  5. Catdragon

    Newbie Mistake

    I have been lurking around on this forum and noticed I am not the only one who is new to the chameleon world and ended up with my poor cham getting an eye problem. Thank goodness the breeder I purchased him from helped me get it cleared up right away. One of the things he said was--your cage may...
  6. Catdragon

    crickets under potted plant

    I noticed a lot of the crickets go under the potted ficus. Any ideas on how to prevent this?
  7. Catdragon

    Hello to everyone

    Been lurking around for awhile and decided I needed to say hey. This is a wonderful forum and has helped guide me in setting up my panther chameleon cage. Thanks for all the good advice and ideas. :)
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