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  1. Shalynchameleon

    Possible mouth rot

    It's really hard for me to get pictures of him because he's been very stressed out since my last post. He just shed on his face and this is what is on both sides of his mouth but not in the center and there's no black discoloration or signs of mouth rot that I've seen before. He's left his mouth...
  2. Shalynchameleon

    The back of mt veil cham foot

    Does this mean it's a boy or girl I cannot tell
  3. Shalynchameleon

    I didnt know my cham was female

    I had no idea she was female and didn't know it was important to know because they lay eggs despite being alone. She's about a year old. What if she's been holding eggs this whole time and I didn't know because I didn't have soil set up? Now that I do will she release the eggs regardless of how...
  4. Shalynchameleon

    Thank you

    I just wanted to make an update on my rescued chameleon. With all of your guys help he has regained his health and is thriving. I'm grateful the previous owners were brave enough to surrender him to me and gave him a chance at life. Thank you all for your expertise and advice 🙏
  5. Shalynchameleon

    Lighting confusion

    The first photo is the light I’ve been using. It doesn’t give off any heat and my cham has been with me for a month since I adopted him from neglect. He is still very angry and stressed. Now the second photo is a light I just turned on for him for the first time ever and he is so happy and...
  6. Shalynchameleon

    I have no idea what the heck

    I’ve been taking really good care of my chameleon and I answered some of the experts Q&A he’s on here but I am completely shook I think my heart just fell out of my chest I was getting ready to turn his light off for the night and I look over at him and he starting to lean over onto his side on...
  7. Shalynchameleon

    New chameleon owner

    I adopted this chameleon six days ago. He hunts really well, his enclosure was updated immediately when we got him. I don’t try to handle him, all I do is mist his cage 3x a day, feed him and air it out for a few minutes at a time. The transportation from old owners to us was probably very...
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