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  1. Rangow07

    willow tree log

    Is a willow tree log on to go in rangos cage ?
  2. Rango 2014

    Rango 2014

    Rango chilling
  3. Rangow07

    Skipping meals ?

    I will watch him. Thaks peeps :)
  4. Rangow07

    Skipping meals ?

    Rango is 6 months old now. He doing great but he been missing the odd day or two eating. Should he do that ? Hes really fussy too. I thought it was when there fullay adult they did that.
  5. Rangow07

    Chameleon Purr?

    I felt like a little rumble from ranho a few times. It wa definately him
  6. Rangow07


    Thanks guys :) Will deffo try the grapes.
  7. Rangow07

    New MEGA enclosure!

    Where did u purchase one that big?
  8. Rangow07


    Hi all. Rango is always well hydrated. I never see him drinl thought. Once every month or so. His tanks humididy is always ok and he is well misted. So I know he is ok. I was just wondering if any one else had tried the below I have recently started feeding him size 6 aduld locast...
  9. Rangow07


    I live in the uk a currently use a wooden tall glass door chameleon tank. Rango loves it he has real plants too. Im not sure what to do. If I got a mesh one it would be on my room where he currently is and dont want to leep the full room humid if you know what I mean. Decisions decisions ....
  10. Rangow07


    Hi all. Im thinking of getting rango a mesh tank. He likes the one he is in but apparemtly the mesh ones are much better. Rango rarely drinks droplets from the tank andostly keeps himself hydrat3d by taking wayer in from his skin. How do you get a mesh tanks humidity up?
  11. Rangow07

    Happy to see me!!

    Rango is exactly the same. When I open his cage he is straight on me, no messing. He climbs my head lol. Its diffivult to get him back in his cage. Hes mostly happy and wraps his tale round my arm. So cute :) He is deffinately spoiled.
  12. Rangow07


    well? what do you think it could be ? any knowledge appreciated
  13. Rangow07


    ive cleaned it really well and it didn't hurt him. he just sat there and let me do it. :(
  14. Rangow07


    This is it.
  15. Rangow07


    Yes I will get one now. Just need to log on my pc
  16. Rangow07


    Hi all. Rango has a brown mark under his right arm. It looks like it could be a burn. Im not sure what it actually is. Its not hurting him but im a tad worried. He can get to his uvb light bit its not hot. So im not sure what it is. I have cleaned it with a warm cotton bub and it looks...
  17. Rangow07

    Julia's Eye

    Ive never had any problems with my compact bulbs. My rango loves them. Many other people with liniar bulbs have problems with their eyes. Im not defending them but there us nothing wrong with using those uvb coil lights.
  18. Rangow07


    Yeah. Curtains are a favourite. He does to hide in the stranget places. Try to get a ficus golden king from your local garden centre. They should order you one in. Rango loves his plants.
  19. Rangow07

    Ever "gaped/flared/displayed" back?

    Haha thats funny. My setup is probably similar to yours in my room. Rango flares at me sometimes when I walk past and hissis really loud, hes a softy really. He deffo thinks he owns my room :):)
  20. Rangow07


    They love the curtains :)
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