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  1. ulamachula

    Identify small lumps

    @GrimCamel that's the thing about keeping chams in Europe. I live in Slovakia and there are no reliable vets with chameleon experience either - we go to one that's in charge of reptiles in the local zoo, but he's not very knowledgeable about chameleons, unfortunately. And it's no wonder, cats...
  2. ulamachula

    The chameleon with no name, a journey of love and patience (VERY PIC HEAVY).

    have just read his story in the other thread - he's a lucky little guy to have found such a good forever home and he's looking great! :) live long and prosper, little cham
  3. ulamachula

    Last week I lost Spike

    Oh Spike, you beautiful boy, rest easy!
  4. ulamachula

    My first Chamaeleo namaquensis wild observation!

    wow! this is great!!! :) wonderful pics as well
  5. ulamachula

    Injuries to Wild Caughts, Miley's Story

    oh boy, so glad they ended up with you. good luck!
  6. ulamachula

    R.I.P. Lizzie

    Sorry for your loss, she was a beautiful girl :(
  7. ulamachula

    In Loving Memory of Sage

    I'm truly sorry your boy passed :( I'm always amazed at seeing pictures of all your beautiful chameleons and I know you love them all very much, which makes the loss even harder. Goodbye, Sage!
  8. ulamachula

    Kosby Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

    sorry for your loss, it's never easy losing one :( goodbye, Kosby!
  9. ulamachula

    Buying a older animal

    Just as other have said - if he's healthy, go for it. You seem very fond of him, so I'm sure you'll give him the best forever home and he'll be one spoiled cham :)
  10. ulamachula

    How am I doing as a Parson keeper? advice/improvements please?

    I love their names :) also, they're beautiful
  11. ulamachula

    Checkout these colors!

    Skittles is beautiful! Like a little rainbow :)
  12. ulamachula

    Amos Needs Your Thoughts and Prayers

    Amos, you gorgeous boy, stay healthy! keeping you in my thoughts
  13. ulamachula

    Bad news :(

    hope Vlad gets better!
  14. ulamachula

    Scary parsonii !

    wow, those eyes look almost human :eek: beautiful creature you have there!
  15. ulamachula

    Exo Terra screen Terrarium

    I've got one for our panther and it's fine. We don't have such a huge selection of screen cages here in Europe, the ExoTerra was the only option I had. What I don't like about it is that there are no ledges to mount branches or hang pots securely and you have to improvise, running the risk the...
  16. ulamachula

    My beautiful Parsons girl

  17. Sunday morning

    Sunday morning

  18. ulamachula

    Hello! First post :)

    welcome :)
  19. ulamachula

    Have not been on for a while

    I am very sorry for your loss, wishing you and all your kids a lot of strength! Also wishing success with chameleon keeping, hope it brings at least some joy :)
  20. ulamachula

    Happy 3rd Hatch Day Teddy

    happy hatch day, Teddy! may you live for many more years :)
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