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    When the sun goes down Eustis goes to bed

    Usually I close my curtains before it gets totally dark and Eustis stays up and active until his lights go off but tonight I left the curtains open and at 4:30 pm when it got dark outside he went to bed Even with his lights still on. I wonder if I left the curtains open every night til after...
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    Has anyone here had any experience with a machine that distills water? They sell them on amazon

    i checked out the RO system you suggested @MissSkittles but for every gallon of RO water it makes 4 gallons of waste water go down the drain. I don’t pay for my water bill, the apartment owner does and I don’t think they would allow that. The only other thing I can find is a water distiller and...
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    Eustis this AM hanging upside down

    He’s hanging over his food dish snagging his breakfast! So funny!
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    I got the new Reptirisers for my uvb light!

    I’ve had them since Christmas but hadn’t used them yet. I put them up today and they work great! I need to raise my basking branch now though because the reptirisers lift the uvb light up about 5 inches I think. A guy on Etsy makes them and they were one of the 12 days of Christmas items that...
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    Ugh! Another channel on you tube with a very sick panther Cham!

    I watch “the dark den” on you tube which is a channel about a man in Croatia that has a lot of tarantulas and he also has a male panther Cham who is beautiful And today he put out a video saying his Cham is sick and he doesn’t know why. He free ranges his Cham on a large schefflera plant/tree...
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    Eustis ate out of my hand!!

    This morning I tried hand feeding Eustis once again and he ate two wax worms out of my hand!! I have been waiting 7 months for this and am very excited about it! He’s finally learning to trust me I think. I only feed him maybe 2 wax worms once a week or two so he doesn’t get them often and he...
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    Distilled water $1.89/ gallon!!

    I can’t believe that the distilled water at the grocery store went fron $1.19 a gallon to $1.89 a gallon! Unbelievable! I need to learn how to make it myself! Does anyone know how?
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    Best humidifier?

    Needs to be top fill, and be able to attach pvc piping to humidifier spout. Does anyone have any ideas? I hurt my shoulder and it’s difficult to fill the one I have because I have to remove the chamber and turn it upside down to fill it and it keeps accumulating water under the unit which is not...
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    Having trouble keeping humidity up

    The colder it gets here in Maine the more the heat is on in my apartment. I keep it at 69 during the day and 65 at night. The humidity in my Jackson’s enclosure used to be fine but now I’m having a hard time getting it over 70% during the night. I have 3 sides of his enclosure covered with a...
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    Eustis weight gain

    Hi everyone! I weighed Eustis the other day and he weighed 40 grams. When I got him 5 months ago he weighed 30 grams. Is that a healthy weight gain for a Jackson’s Xanth in that time frame? He seems to have grown an inch or so as well. He was 8-9 months old when I got him so he’s 13-14 months...
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    Bill Strand New video series “perfect Christmas Gifts for Cham Owners” on you tube now!

    The first gift he showed in this first video is a set of stands to hold your uvb light up off the cage! They’re called reptirisers He has the link in his description to the guy on Etsy that makes them for different kinds of uvb lights. They’re very affordable and look easy to use. I don’t know...
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    You tube celebrity gets a chameleon

    I just watched a you tube video of Rachel Ballinger getting a veiled chameleon and the pet store sold her the chameleon kit!! She showed her setting it up with the compact uvb light and everything. I just wanted to scream! I left her some info in the comments and invited her here to get some...
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    What do we do now that the time has changed?

    My lights were set on a timer back in June when I got my Jackson’s to come on at 7 am and go off at 7 pm. Now that the time has changed they of course went off at 6 pm tonight. Do I reprogram my timer so the lights are back to 7 am on and 7 pm off or do I leave them so they come on at 6 am and...
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    Bought shooting gallery bugs falling out bottom!!

    I bought this shooting gallery from TK Chameleons that I know a lot of you use but all the bugs are falling out the bottom!! The little earring backs don’t hold the thing snug enough against the screen and this thing is made so cheap! The plastic is so thin and the silicone earring backs are not...
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    Hanging on the door a lot?

    Eustis has been hanging on the door of his cage recently and he’ll hang there for hours showing his stress colors until I open the door and get him down and put him on his branch and then he immediately turns a pretty green. Whats up with that?
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    Okay, show me all your Jackson’s chameleons! Love seeing them!

    Since we’ve been seeing all the panthers that Elliotg asked for, and they’re beautiful by the way, I want to see some Jackson’s, all kinds of Jackson’s!
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    I’m bored!

    Not much going on now. It’s getting colder here. It’s in the 60s during the day. I set my heater for 68 during the day and 65 at night. Eustis is still looking for love so he’s all over his cage. He’s still not eating much. Today he had one tiny cricket and 2 small silk worms. I think he ate...
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    Just released a lot of wax moths in my Jackson’s cage!

    I had a container of wax worms in a drawer by Eustis cage that has been there awhile since I don’t feed him was worms often. I opened the Container and I had a bunch of moths! I quickly put the container in the cage because more were crawling up out of the sawdust like stuff they’re packaged in...
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    Well it seems Eustis has hit sexual maturity

    He’s been patrolling his cage and leaving me little white sac like things hanging from the branches! I never have seen this before but I remember Beman talking about her Cham Beman doing this. Do they slow way down on food intake usually when this happens?
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    Do you all clean your water holding receptacle for your mistking?

    What do you use to clean the inside of the water receptacle?
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