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  1. ArizCats10

    US 3 month old Ambilobe YBBB Panther Chameleon babies for sale!

    Hi, I have two clutches of baby Ambilobe Yellow Body Blue Bar (YBBB) Panther Chameleons for sale that hatched between 06/10/21 and 06/29/21. The babies are currently between 3 and 3 & 1/2 months old and have been very healthy since they hatched. They have been fed a diet of Melanogaster/Hydei...
  2. ArizCats10

    24" Light fixture recommendations?

    Hi, I am trying to complete the lighting on my Panther chameleon's cage and was hoping for some recommendations. My current lighting includes: Zoo Med 24" T5 High Output Terrarium Hood with an Arcadia D3 6% UVB T5 Bulb Zilla Single Low Profile Reptile Terrarium Fixture with 50W Mini Day White...
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