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  1. panther67

    I just order This little guy

    Having had several from older generations of those bloodlines you are in for a fun journey watching him develop!! Congrats on a great Cham from excellent people!
  2. panther67

    hatchlings haven't ate yet

    I agree with above.. Start with the FF's then they should be introduced the pinheads.
  3. panther67

    Noisy UVB

    I have a few that would make some noise and then others that are super quiet
  4. panther67

    Introducing WHITE BOY!!!!

    Wow man he is bad a.. I may have to get in on some of his babies!!
  5. panther67

    PeeWee turns 1!

    Happy hatch day!! Like I said before Carol... He is in the best hands for the hurdles he had to overcome!!
  6. panther67

    Incubator not working.. Help!!!:(

    How and where you incubate your eggs all depends on your specific needs. What works for one may not work for another.
  7. panther67

    Leave lights on or off while in laying bin

    Some females just lay eggs consistently throughout their lives. I had a Nosy Be female that produced eggs every 2-3 months her whole life without ever seeing a male. I tried many different things to slow down or stop her but she just kept producing. She lived to be almost 5 years old.
  8. panther67

    RIP Mordecai

    I have lost a couple like this... Only way to know is to do a necropsy.. I have seen things from a twisted intestine to an aneurism around the heart. Kind of natural selection in captivity if there is such a thing
  9. panther67

    Leave lights on or off while in laying bin

    Already laying just leave everything as is... She should do just fine
  10. panther67

    Chameleon is losing color!

    Panther chameleons have many phases in their lives and that can be everything from activity, color and attitude. I would test your UVB and have a fecal done on him. Just where I would start.
  11. panther67

    Different Dragon Strand Cages?

    I agree with this 100%. My chams use the horizontal spare much more than the vertical. These cages are designed from people, that IMO, have the most hands on experience out there. I have switched all of my enclosures to this design. Bill's cages are the top in quality and he has great...
  12. panther67

    Al Bundy Screaming Red Body Blue Bar Ambilobe

    Good looking guy!! I have a guy that looks a lot like him!
  13. panther67

    Cham laxative?

    I agree with above... But a warm mist can help.
  14. panther67

    Shedding Cham?

    Most if not all def change their routines when going into a shed. Things like eating and some a BAD attitudes
  15. panther67

    Oshi my new male Ambilobe from Paradise Chameleons

    Congrats!! Keep the pics coming as he develops!
  16. panther67

    Adult Male Panther Chameleon Weight?

    I have a Nosy Be that in his prime was 270 grams... That was 4 years ago though
  17. panther67

    PeeWee the Ambanja Update!

    Only you can have 2 of the best looking out of their locale and now you have an awesome looking runt!!! He looks good and if anybody can bring him out of his funk, it's you!!
  18. panther67

    Poor guys heat lamp burned out today!!

    Are you using the ones in the white box? Those are the ones I am getting more than a year out of.
  19. panther67

    Gular Edema: Causes and Treatments?

    Carol is right... There is a lot of debate as to what exactly causes it. I have had it pop up once or twice in a few of my females. Based on my experience and how I feed and supplement I went off of all supplements and just used plain calcium for 5-7 days and it all cleared up.
  20. panther67

    6 month panther not laying eggs!!!

    I agree... She will start to go and stay low in her enclosure starting to look for a spot to lay.
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