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    January 2022 Photo Contest

    January 31. winner anounced February 2nd.
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    It's been a little while, hasn't it

    That’s a good long life he had! I’m sorry he passed! Glad youre back!
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    Bearded dragon care sheet. Help

    He’s beautiful!!
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    Bearded dragon care sheet. Help

    I like the thought of having a beardie! I watched a you tube video of Emzotics today about an adult beardie that she adopted From a pet shop that takes in animals that need re Homing
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    Black Soldier Fly Larvae

    I’m dont know anything about breeding them. I just release the flies into my chams cage and watch him hunt them down! Lol! I imagine you probably put them into a taller receptacle that they can fly around in with veggies they can lay eggs on but again I don’t know thats the right way to do it...
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    Black Soldier Fly Larvae

    Remember to feed them. I give them cut up red bell pepper, yellow squash, and arugula. You can feed them anything you feed your other feeder bugs. I usually put mine in a little bigger bowl than what they come in and make pinholes in the lid for air. Also leave them in the substrate they come...
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    Gutloading Black Soldier Fly larvae.

    I feed mine cut up pieces of red bell pepper, yellow squash and arugula
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    Black Soldier Fly Larvae

    As long as they’ve been inside the warehouse they’ll be fine. It’s when they drive around in a freezing mail truck and they leave them on your porch that they freeze and die.
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    Black Soldier Fly Larvae

    I keep my Bsf in a bowl with a perforated lid in the substrate they come in at room temp and I feed them fresh veggies every couple days. They keep well that way.
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    Black Soldier Fly Larvae

    I order them frequently and it’s cold here to. Have them held at the post office and go and pick them up when they notify you they are in. That’s the best way to get live bugs instead of frozen ones! Rainbow mealworms is where I get most of my bugs and they have a box you can check off when you...
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    New panther chameleon owner! Looking for experienced owners advice!

    I just use a reusable plastic cup with a pinhole in the bottom. Fill 1/2 to 3/4 with water. Works great!
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    Husbandry check

    That looks good as long as the uvb and basking light go the length of his basking branch.
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    Someone give me their green thumb 🙄

    I prefer ficus trees or the umbrella or schefllera that are as big as small trees are great for Cham enclosures from what I hear.
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    Husbandry check

    Also those bendy vines are known to cause problems with chams eyes because the lights degrade the coating on them over time and they start to break up then the chams get it in their eyes and it causes problems. It’s best to remove them and replace with real branches.
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    Husbandry check

    Is your uvb light and basking light arranged directly over his basking branch? That’s where it needs to be. Also it’s best to tilt your basking light up on your uvb light not the plant light. Your Cham will go where the light is warm which should be the basking light. You may need to lift the...
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    Husbandry check

    Looks like you need more foliage in there. Can you add some more plants or a tree for him to hide in. That may be what he’s looking for.
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    Pomona Reptile Show

    Awesome pictures! I enjoyed seeing them!
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    Outside enclosure

    That’s a really good idea! He should do that.
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    Nosey Be rescue turn for the worse... please help!

    I have to agree with miss skittles. He really needs to see a chameleon experienced vet as soon as possible.
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    Rexy :)

    I think that’s an acceptable amount of eggs from what I’ve read on here. im going to tag a couple people in that know what advice to give. @kinyonga @Beman
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