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  1. Rangotheveiledchameleon

    What does does my chameleon have?

    Hey! My chameleons enclosure is in my bedroom, and before falling asleep and I heard a wheezing sound/gasp/ hiss. I went over to his cage and he did it one more time but didn’t open his mouth or anything. I was freaking out so I took him out of his enclosure and checked his throat and there was...
  2. Rangotheveiledchameleon

    Are these Burns bruises or fungus infection?!!

    He is around the age where his “final” or last color development will occur so it could possibly just be his natural color that’s coming in or it could be burns or bruises. If other than the black color he is perfectly fine I wouldn’t worry. The aloe is not necessary but applying it temporarily...
  3. Rangotheveiledchameleon

    Veiled Chameleon is orange ?

    Most likely indicates aggression or stress. She shouldn’t be climbing on the screen like that also, I would provide more branches and foliage for her to hide and climb. Since she is new, I would avoid handling and hovering around her enclosure to often for atleast a few days to let her acclimate...
  4. Rangotheveiledchameleon

    Sick chameleon?

    Hi! I just got my baby veiled about three weeks ago. He is a male and about 2-4 months old. I waited about 1 week and then I handle him every few days or so. He’s currently in a 18x18x30 custom hybrid (glass and screen) enclosure that I’m hoping to upgrade soon when he’s a bit bigger so that he...
  5. Rangotheveiledchameleon

    My Chameleon keeps opening his mouth?

    Hi. I have a new 1-3 month old male veiled chameleon who I got a few days ago. He’s been eating drinking and exploring his new enclosure occasionally. His enclosure is around 89F at the hottest spot and around 79F at the lowest. Sometimes he opens his mouth and does it a few times in a row or...
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