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    Problems with shedding

    My chameleon has layers of Stuck shed That will not come off is there away I can get these layers of Stuck shed off His old tank Was MESH And couldn't provide the right humidity so he has a layer of stuck shed
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    Many problems with him

    My chameleon, keeps falling from his cage and idk if that because he can't get a good grip on the mesh or if it's something else, he is also a dark colour all the time and will sometimes open his mouth and let out a hiss even if no one is there. He has slowed down on eating and won't eat as much...
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    Chameleon is constantly dark green

    My chameleon is constantly dark green in his enclosure, only when feeding him or taking him out to check for crickets will he then turn a lighter green. He also appears to be closing 1 eye sometimes but not permanently shutting it. He is a baby chameleon and I have had him for just over 1...
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