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  1. Kerrek

    The Daytona Reptile Show 2015

    And I've got so much left to do LOL.
  2. Kerrek

    The Daytona Reptile Show 2015

    My wife and I will be vending again this year. We'll have Dart Frogs, Bearded Dragons, Redfoot Tortoises, and Panther babies out of these two. Both of these guys are out of Riker and brothers to Shazam. Felix Skrastins
  3. Kerrek

    Petco Chameleon Rant

    So I needed a bowl for a dart frog enclosure today and stopped in my local Petco. My wife noticed one of their end cages had a drip system set up and wondered oh great what do they have now. Go over and they have a small Veiled setup with what looked like a coco bark substrate and no basking...
  4. Kerrek

    Ambilobe, Nosy Be, and Sambavas for sale

    Time for the next wave of babies to go. Males are individually priced on this link. All prices include shipping. Females are available from each locale 1st female is $200 Shipped additional females are...
  5. Kerrek

    What happened to Fauna Classifieds???

    Pretty sure they aren't popping up the adult ads they probably are hacked.
  6. Kerrek

    They're here! They're Here!

    I should have never sold him. He has turned into a nice looking boy should go really well with the females you have. Hopefully you get some really red and white babies.
  7. Kerrek

    A very unique Ambilobe

    Can't believe I missed this thread when it first went up. He turned out awesome. I got two Hyperion females at the same time and they looked to be clutch mates because they were identically sized when I got them. I bred one to my Male Riker and one to Skywalker (brothers by the way) and all of...
  8. Kerrek

    Ambilobe, Sambava, and NosyBe Chameleons For Sale

    I have both males and females available. Females are $200 shipped additional females $125ea. Males are priced individually with pictures (Photobucket Link) all prices include shipping. Chameleons are shipped FedEx nextday hold for pickup at your local hub. Email [email protected] with...
  9. Kerrek

    r/o and mist king

    I use one of these on the lid of a 5 gallon bucket.
  10. Kerrek

    im not good at posting in the right sub-forum

    He looks great and it sounds like he has his father's personality. His father was a jerk for the first year I had him then he finally settled down. He is pretty nice cham now. He still has his moments but overall he has really mellowed out.
  11. Kerrek

    Daytona Reptile Show 2013 Aug. 16th to 18th

    LOL the whole bottom of the terrarium if leaf litter, plants and coco huts. They were starving when we put them in and everyone of them ate like a pig. Then they all disappeared and we figured well they are going to be really shy now until they adjust. Then an hour later they are out all over...
  12. Kerrek

    Daytona Reptile Show 2013 Aug. 16th to 18th

    Got to meet Trace and Chamcapture and see Dez and Jason, Jann and Mike As well as Dr O and Olimpia. If I missed anybody sorry the show was really busy especially compared to the repticon shows I normally do in South Florida. I didn't get to sit down for 2 days, but I did manage to pick these...
  13. Kerrek

    Daytona Reptile Show 2013 Aug. 16th to 18th

    Don't remind me LOL I got way too much to do before Friday LOL.
  14. Kerrek

    Reptile first aid kit

    This stuff is great and very safe also a veterinary strength that your vet can order.
  15. Kerrek

    Why are chams with NIPPED tails less VALUABLE?

    I think a lot of times tail nips happen at feeding time. They probably are going for a bug crawling on a cage mate's tail and get both the bug and the tail. And once they get ahold of it they don't let go. My first female that got me into this madness was a tail nip. My avatar is a tail nip they...
  16. Kerrek

    Daytona Reptile Show 2013 Aug. 16th to 18th

    D & T Reptiles
  17. Kerrek

    Daytona Reptile Show 2013 Aug. 16th to 18th

    Well stop by my table and you will be familiar with 2 vendors. :D
  18. Kerrek

    Couple of males were showing off today

    Thing is its not supposed to be a cross it is ambilobe x ambilobe. The sires are clutch mates. And they were bred to Females that were clutch mates from Hyperion. My males are supposedly 3-4 generations (at least) decendants of Anubis. He had a lot of white for an ambilobe it may just be a weird...
  19. Kerrek

    Daytona Reptile Show 2013 Aug. 16th to 18th

    Yeah that's the problem I have a 36x18x24 terrarium so I'd like a big group of frogs. But I don't want any bullying so I'm trying to figure out what to do. I've got a couple azureus a single cobalt and a single auratus trying to figure out what I can get away with in the big tank.
  20. Kerrek

    Daytona Reptile Show 2013 Aug. 16th to 18th

    I've looked at those but don't really like the colors on the terribilis. Looking at tincs or auratus. Just can't decide which color pattern there are so many choices. :D
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