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  1. bfisher31


    Well everything seems normal, no more blood. Hes eating regularly still. Im going to take him to the vet still just to be on the safe side
  2. bfisher31


    I'm almost 100% sure its blood. It was right on the side of his mouth and theres nothing in his cage that color that he could've gotten into. I use just the regular calcium powder without D3. I'm going to try to take him to the vet on my day off, unfortunately the only vet that will see him is...
  3. bfisher31


    Today I woke up and went to mist my jacksons cham cage like any other day. Today I noticed a tiny drop of blood coming out of his mouth; (. So I fed him a cricket, while he was eating the cricket his lower jaw looked like it was hanging lower than it should. Can anyone help me please?
  4. bfisher31

    Millers Chameleon

    I think you're talking about a Mellers Chameleon? Sorry I dont have any tips or tricks, as I do not keep Mellers. Although, I do know Mellers are one of the hardest chameleons to keep. Just make sure you do all your research before purchasing a Mellers chameleon, please don't purchase one of a wimb.
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    I thought that usps will not ship animals?
  6. bfisher31

    New Chameleon owner! please help!

    As long as you do what's in the care sheet, you're fine. Also mist heavily, not lightly. Chameleons get dehydrated easily. If you're house is typically cold, you'll need a heat lamp.
  7. bfisher31

    Got better pics guys please help me sex my panther

    Id say male but I'm no expert!
  8. bfisher31

    Dark to bright green

    My jackson is usually a green with some darker shades of green when he's in his enclosure. As soon as I put him on his free range he turns almost neon green. Does he hate his enclosure or just love being on his free range?
  9. bfisher31

    Jackson temp

    My jackson chameleon is kept in the same room as my other animals, and its usually around 77 or 78. I'm worried that this might be too hot for him?
  10. bfisher31

    Quick question

    Thank you so much:)
  11. bfisher31

    Gator Jr.

    Hes stunning!!
  12. bfisher31

    Why is he black?

    Veileds need to be around 80-95 degrees, you should probably warm up your room.
  13. bfisher31

    Quick question

    So I've had my jackson chameleon since the 15th of June, and about 1 week ago he had his first shed. Most of it is gone, but there are still tiny pieces of skin on his body and a big piece on his head. I bought something for him to shed easier, but I think its just a waste of money because it...
  14. bfisher31

    White as a ghost

    You haven't seen the recent thread a member just made a couple days ago then. I'm not sure of the name but he/she just lost her panther on a free range outside from a bird ;( swooped her right up!
  15. bfisher31

    New nosy be

    Hes really beautiful, how about Benji, or Liam. Something different than all the other names.
  16. bfisher31

    Jackson Love

    Personally id buy the jackson at petco. Its better to take it out of that enviornment than to let it sit in that terrible set up, sort of like giving it a second chance. Just my opinion though.
  17. bfisher31

    Jacksom chameleons

    Okay thank you very much;)
  18. bfisher31

    Jacksom chameleons Here is a picture of my Jackson chameleon!
  19. bfisher31

    Jacksom chameleons

    Sorry ill post one when i got home:), I just thought there was a common one and the other ones were kinda rare.
  20. bfisher31

    impaction and vets

    I don't know if this goes with chameleons too but other lizards like the bearded dragon will keep their mouth open in order to escape heat from their body. Yous chameleons cage is too hot
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