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  1. Tattersb

    Growth after neglect?

    I have a male veiled I rescued about six months ago from a poor environment. He had no water, no supplementation, inadequate lighting and only received a diet of meal worms. He was painfully thin and weighed 90 grams. The previous owner said he had him about a year, so I'm guessing he was around...
  2. Tattersb

    The Four Stages of Shedding

    Four stages of a chameleon's shed: Stage 1: Chameleon becomes dull and dusky, owner realizes cham will shed soon and is wildly happy that stringent feeding/supplement/misting schedule is succeeding and chameleon is growing and healthy! Stage 2: Cham's appetite decreases and cham becomes less...
  3. Tattersb

    Bravest hornworm EVER!

    "And now for my next trick, I will place my head into the mouth of this wild Boris."
  4. Tattersb

    Quad quad average weight

    I've been trying to find information on quad quad weights. My 14-month-old quad is around 11" long and weighs 119gms. Can anyone share statistics on their quad quad?
  5. Tattersb


    The look of anticipation when the serving wench opens the cage door.
  6. Tattersb

    Has zero cares about the camera.

    I posed. You owe me dubia.
  7. Tattersb

    Jewel tones!

    This is my new panther's first shed since I've had him, and now he has the most amazing jewel-tone turquoise with some emerald greens thrown in. Gotta love a rescue mutt!
  8. Tattersb

    Is it possible to over-feed a juvenile?

    I've had my new juvenile panther a little over two weeks, and I have a question about his (many) feedings. He's about six months old now, and around 11" tip to tip. He was 53 grams when he arrived, and he's gained 19 grams in 16 days. He eats 15-20 crickets a day with a few dubia or a few...
  9. Tattersb

    Young panther chewing sticks because...?

    I've had my new panther for four days, and today I noticed him chewing a stick (Nandina domestica). No other symptoms, eating like a champ and gaining weight. He is going for his baseline vet check Tuesday. I'm not really worried about it, just curious if this is something panthers do?
  10. Tattersb

    Stunning Rescue Mutt

    I have wanted a panther since I learned panthers exist, and I was finally able to get my bucket list chameleon. I've never been able to afford a panther until I saw a post for rescues, and everything just fell into place. Since I knew he was rescued from a bad environment, and the post stated he...
  11. Tattersb

    Waiting on rescue baby...please show baby pics!

    I'm waiting (impatiently!) to get my new rescue cham kid. He should be here Tuesday or Wednesday and I'm all but pacing the floor. He's a Faly/Be/whoknowswhat cross. Can someone post pictures of their Nosy Be or Nosy Faly babies? Please and thank you!
  12. Tattersb

    Climist timer

    I have had my Climist less than six months, and the timer is already malfunctioning. I unplugged it to reset it, and it goes dead whenever it's unplugged. How long do these timers usually last?
  13. Tattersb

    Supplementation and shedding...too little, too much, or juuuust right?

    My fifteen-month-old male Jackson's is starting his third shed in six weeks. He has gained 16gm in the past month putting him at 135gm and a bit over 12". He starts shedding on his legs, then back/belly/tail, then head. About a week later the cycle starts over. My question is, does he need any...
  14. Tattersb

    Cork bark bromeliad

    I finished my bromeliad project for Chaney's new condo! The tutorial was from Josh's Frogs. I couldn't find sphagnum moss, so I cut a pocket out of a coconut husk basket, nailed it in place, and tucked in some orchid moss to stabilize it. I harvested some Spanish moss from my oak trees to make...
  15. Tattersb

    Perpetual shed

    My Jackson's (male) started shedding two weeks ago. He finished actively shedding about a week ago, save some stubborn shed around his horns. He's gained 16g in that time and today he started shedding again. As of today he's 131g and 13" long. My best guess on his age is 16 months. Should he...
  16. Tattersb

    Chameleon tongue ...How freakin' cool is this?!

    I was shooting Boris eating butterworms and got these images. I had no idea their tongue (opens? unfolds?) into a sort of glove to help grab prey. I thought there was just a sticky blob at the end. These are very cropped so the quality isn't great, but you get the idea. So cool!!! (And...
  17. Tattersb

    UV Light Meter Recommendation?

    Can someone recommend a good, reasonably priced UV light meter? Also what range should a bulb be putting out to be effective for montanes?
  18. Tattersb

    Mountain Dragons: In Search of Chameleons in the Highlands of Kenya

    If anyone wants to sell their copy, please PM me. :D
  19. Tattersb

    How to tell if your Jax is ready to leave the free-range.

    I moved around this blueberry bush several times trying to get portraits. Instead, I get Boris leaning out as far as he can reaching for my arm. Goofy little monkey.
  20. Tattersb

    Mildew removal?

    Can someone recommend a safe, organic method for removing mildew from a fogger hose (the accordion type)?
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