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  1. Owlco

    Rubbing eye on branch

    My chameleon itches his eye time to time when he's in shed. If he's not in shed try giving him a good mist so he can clean his eyes.
  2. Owlco

    !Chameleon Poop Pictures!

    Hi everyone, I am making a video to educate people on chameleon bowl movements, and in need of some pictures! Any photos used i will fully credit the owners! Thank youuu :) Bowl movements needed: -healthy urates and poops -unhealthy urates and poops!
  3. Owlco

    Looking for more info on common illnesses

    Hi everyone, I have a youtube channel where I talk about my chameleon and care for chameleon. Now, I really want to start a series where I can educate people on types of illnesses/ disease that are common with chameleons. My chameleon has been fairly healthy since I have had him for two years...
  4. Owlco

    Mouth open -

    Was he under his basking spot? My chameleon does this when he his basking to help cool himself down.
  5. Owlco

    New member and soon to be cham owner

    I usually use paper towels for the bottom of my cage. They're easy to clean up and often dry faster.
  6. Owlco

    New member and soon to be cham owner

    Oh wow your baby is going to love all of its hiding spots! I would reccomend to put large rocks on top of the dirt of the plants. Chameleons will often try to eat the dirt, which may contain twigs and phosphorous white balls, which can make your Cham sick. You can still keep the fake plants in...
  7. Owlco

    Keeping Chameleons outside during the summer.

    And thanks everyone, ill probably try and get my Cham outside when the weathers nice, and if im home during the day!
  8. Owlco

    Keeping Chameleons outside during the summer.

    I live in Alberta, so our spring is all over. The weather may not be stable till end of may i'm thinking.
  9. Owlco

    Keeping Chameleons outside during the summer.

    Hi there I live in Canada, and when the summer time temperatures roll around I am thinking of making a flower pot outside enclosure for my chameleon. I was also planning on having him outside for most of the day, even if its raining. I just wanted to know what kind of outside routine you guys...
  10. Owlco

    Getting ready for a new enclosure

    you could also try getting a branch and see if hell climb onto it, then put him in the new enclosure!
  11. Owlco

    New Baby Chameleon won't eat or drink

    Always check your Champs poop and urate, if its a normal colour and doesn't look dehydrated your Cham probably just doesn't drink in front of you. I have only seen my chameleon drink a few times. With the not eating food he probably is just scared or stressed out from being in his new...
  12. Owlco

    how old is my veiled ?

    I would say closer to 6-7 months, My chameleon is about to turn 6 months and he's not that brightly coloured yet!
  13. Owlco

    Clear shell on Dubia feeder

    OO pretty, I sometimes find white crickets too!
  14. Owlco

    Sherman has arrived!

    Wow great job on the Feeder, i need to make something like this for my Cham!
  15. Owlco

    Not eating

    Oh no :( I'm sorry to hear this is happening to your lil baby
  16. Owlco

    Medium repti breeze for outside

    I feel as if you should be fine, I have seen people put their chams in Bird cages that are tinier than that. He may be stressed out at first due to the new and strange environment, although if he enjoys it he will be less stressed. I would just keep an eye on him. I also plan to make a...
  17. Owlco

    Places to get plants?

    I got my Yellow banana leaf tree from Walmart for $14, or if you have a local greenhouse around your area they will have lots of plants!
  18. Owlco

    Places to get plants?

    I second that the cage needs a little more greenery. Maybe get a vine and attach it closer to the top of the cage where he hangs out often.
  19. Owlco

    plants for outside full sun this link will tell you all about Chameleon safe plants. I am going to build a rectangular flower pot enclosure for my cham this summer, and i think I'm going to put some hibiscus in it.
  20. Owlco

    Substrate or Not?

    Before I got my Chameleon I had his cage all set up even with substrate. With further investigation though the forms and blogs, i have found that its best not to use it. The reason why, is because young chameleons tend to taste a lot of things and it could result in impaction = dead cham. On...
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