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  1. JoshD49

    Doesn’t like Dubia

    My chams won't touch them. My veiled ate them when he was younger but now won't touch them. I just feed them to my bearded dragon who loves them haha. You could always get a bearded dragon to clean out the colony. They eat like pigs!
  2. JoshD49

    New Jackson’s chameleon owner.

    Make sure you read the care sheets for Jackson's on this forum. I believe your temps are a bit off and according to the chameleon breeder podcasts Jackson's need the night temp to go pretty cool and high humidity. @JacksJill is the person I refer to for Jackson's questions and would be able to...
  3. JoshD49

    please help me :(

    You definitely have a girl. I see in your temps it says high is 80. Is that your basking temp? If so that's too low for a veiled. She needs the higher basking to digest. Is her mouth open during basking? Has she gone poop?
  4. JoshD49

    Matt Vanilla Gorilla Purchased Thread (Nuts Over Chameleons)

    Thanks guys! @Jesspete what locale? Trust me your going to love him. Cannot wait to see photos.
  5. JoshD49

    Matt Vanilla Gorilla Purchased Thread (Nuts Over Chameleons)

    Update photo of Merlin. Cannot be happier with his colors. His personality is so calm. Takes from his dad I believe.
  6. JoshD49

    Hydrating my cham.

    Is your cham unable to drink the normal way? If it can still eat you can try giving hornworms. A shower session is good which is done by putting the cham on a branch and letting them get a long list in the shower. The best way for them to drinking long misting that has water dripping from...
  7. JoshD49

    1st step ive take!!!

    Hello and dragon strand is a fantastic choice. One day I'm going to swap my cages out for those. Misting and climist are similar and both amazing choices. Both will require a bucket for a water source and amazing systems. Mistking is probably the most common. You can honestly got with a...
  8. JoshD49

    !Chameleon Poop Pictures! This is the thread I used for all my poop questions. It has examples of all the ones your looking for in it. I will send some healthy ones from mine tomorrow.
  9. JoshD49


    Those are 2 fantastic mentors that I have sent my fair amount of questions to each. Glad you got it sorted out and your guy will be happy.
  10. JoshD49


    The one @CC's Baby is great. I just used the reptisun one since it came with the the 5% bulb ready to go out of the box.
  11. JoshD49

    Newborn Jacksons out of NOWHERE! PLS HELP

    Congrats and good luck at the same time. I have wanted a male Jackson's for a long time. Such a happy and scary moment. I hope everything turns out ok.
  12. JoshD49

    Heat light

    @Grandma-to-two I recently went back to the house bulbs for my panthers too reduce the bask temp but kept the 75w zoo med for the veiled so always just check your basking temp to see what it is instead of being concerned with bulb wattage. My locale and house temp tend to stay in the warmer...
  13. JoshD49


    We got a bearded dragon. My daughter really loved them and wanted one. Personally I wanted a crested gecko or a Cuban false chameleon but oh well.
  14. JoshD49

    Bad buggers?

    Yeah I thought you had a juvenile cham. Adults about take the whole leaf off. Haha. Sorry
  15. JoshD49

    Attitude right out of the egg!

    Wow that's so cute. All worked up haha. Congrats on the babies!
  16. JoshD49

    Bad buggers?

    That looks like your cham is taking bites out of it. How old is your cham. My veiled will single handedly destroy a pothos plant. He loves eating those. I provide him with collard greens so he eats that. He doesn't eat the umbrella plant much. Only a few bites once in a while.
  17. JoshD49


    It will for now but you need to go t5 as soon as you can.
  18. JoshD49


    Yeah as long as he is basking at about 90 degrees then he will be happy. My guy likes it hot.
  19. JoshD49


    What lighting did you have for him before? I take your your upgrading?
  20. JoshD49

    Chameleons tongue

    You can just copy and paste it here as a response.
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