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  1. Harley510

    Why is Greedo so light colored this evening?

    Maybe he was a little tired this evening ? My veiled gets extremely lime colored around 1-2 hours before her lights shut off usually.
  2. Harley510

    Why is Greedo so light colored this evening?

    Does he usually turn lighter around his bedtime/when he sleeps?
  3. Harley510


    You should also give it to the feeders. I know my veiled doesn’t eat too many of her greens so gutloadin is something you should get used to doing :)
  4. Harley510

    Angry veild chamelion

    When I first got my female veiled she was the same way. I’ve had her for almost 6 months and after a LOT of hand feeding any time i put my hand in there palm up toward her she looks directly at my palm and expects food. Even tries to eat my hand sometimes :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:. Veileds have a lot...
  5. Harley510

    Order of the morning routine? need advice?

    I have my lights turn on at 7:30 everyday and off at 7:30 everyday. So for me it’s 1) lights 2) put crickets in the cricket cup i made 3) clean up any droppings 4) misting :)
  6. Harley510


    My female veiled is the same way. When i put the black end of the digital thermometer near her she puffs up and does that. Same with new people near her
  7. Harley510

    New set up :^)

    If it does then i’ll just replace it. I don’t think it will though.
  8. Harley510

    New set up :^)

    It’s a cloth bag so it’ll soak up a good amount of the water. it’s also on top of a old mini fridge so if water does somehow leak out it’s not a huge deal. and i have a 100 watt daylight bulb with a 5.0 uvb bulb
  9. Harley510

    Charlie 6.5 month now

    i love his colors ! makes me wish i could get a male panther :LOL:
  10. Harley510

    I selected my baby!!

    lol what inspired the name ? sons of anarchy ? :oops:
  11. Harley510

    New set up :^)

    Finally got around to figuring out how i could make her feel more comfortable in her cage :) almost made it impossible to see her now lol
  12. Harley510

    New adopted cham!

    The fogger will only raise the humidity not provide him with any water source. For the humidity you could add a pothos and even a few fake plants around the top. If all that doesn’t work you can get like a trash bag,cut it up, and tape it to a side or two to hold the humidity.
  13. Harley510

    Just alittle update 5 months old now

    F those silk worms :ROFLMAO: His patterns look so cool tho !
  14. Harley510

    Is this plant safe for chams?

    Shortly after i posted this i found this old thread the comments make me believe it is safe :) Also would it be a bad idea to change up her cage while she has her eggs?
  15. Harley510

    Is this plant safe for chams?

    It’s a living room plant. My grandmother said it’s a parlor palm ( chamaedorea elegans ) If it is safe i feel like it would be a good addition to my vieleds home :)
  16. Harley510

    Is this a good enough cage?

    This looks very nice! Makes me feel insecure about my set up :ROFLMAO:
  17. Harley510

    Check list!

    You can make a cricket cup out of a sunny D bottle, glue, razor, and zip ties if you feel like saving a few bucks :)
  18. Harley510

    Substrate tray + drainage tray...possible?

    For my screen cage i put a cut up trash bag on 2 of the sides with live pothos, a fogger, and heavy misting. As long as it doesn’t drop below 60 i think he or she will be fine :)
  19. Harley510

    Thoughts ?

    forgot to add i believe her eggs are forming edit: there is a laying bin i guess i was distracted and forgot to add the main reason why i posted this
  20. Harley510

    Thoughts ?

    Female veiled roughly 6-9 months old
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